3rd Life: Episode 3 - DESERT DEFENSES

Grian is back on 3rd life, and things are about to get prickly and hot! The minecraft defenses are up.. but then everything changed...

Ladda ner



  • scar:"We are the science bros, we are the science bro-" *Falls to death*

    ArtonArtonDag sedan

    ArtonArtonDag sedan
  • 5:56 Grian: THIS ISNT A HORROR SERIES!!! Grian 5 seconds later: Scares the life out of Joel

    TurningBear9564TurningBear9564Dag sedan
  • 12:27 Scar's skin makes that little side eye TERRIFYING

    Truman GreyTruman GreyDag sedan
  • Well that is science and discovery but physical

    Darax DXDarax DX2 dagar sedan

    Aidan Zachary GuzmanAidan Zachary Guzman2 dagar sedan
  • Tangos cowoperation

    iiTzAntfarm 1iiTzAntfarm 13 dagar sedan
  • Make a creeper sound to scare people

    Cole SeedersCole Seeders3 dagar sedan
  • 0:46 coulda got a music disk

    Elijah SmithElijah Smith3 dagar sedan
  • Cleo’s “I heard that” after scar said he hid the chest plate was just pure ✨gold✨

    Lydia JohnsonLydia Johnson4 dagar sedan
  • campfire under beehives make them able to be harvested

    GaltNGaltN4 dagar sedan
  • scar was the first to have red life and ironically the last person

    Korey SuzuchiKorey Suzuchi5 dagar sedan
  • "I am vary careful" says the person with an arrow in him

    Tim borlandTim borland5 dagar sedan
  • What is pizza

    Mbengue KhadimMbengue Khadim6 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 foreshadowing

    Mark Jason SumalinogMark Jason Sumalinog6 dagar sedan
  • People from the 1800’s be like what I’ve seen this one

    Hay FamilyHay Family6 dagar sedan
  • If you put fire under bee hive, you can get honey!

    강건우강건우6 dagar sedan
  • "Science and discovery" - Scar moments before death

    Quaker OatsQuaker Oats7 dagar sedan

    Joss Allen Dela CruzJoss Allen Dela Cruz7 dagar sedan
  • he didn't mind the gap :(

    VespertinyVespertiny8 dagar sedan
  • I’ve come to talk to you about ur extended car warranty

    SabreSabre8 dagar sedan
  • Scar "I hid the chestplate" Cleo: "I heard that" Grian: "wheezes*"

    dandog2009dandog20098 dagar sedan
  • when you realize a war couldve been avoided if cleo just didnt steal pickles

    DartDart8 dagar sedan
  • Yes, more.

    QwazQwaz8 dagar sedan
  • 7 E’s in The titel

    Norbert KunstNorbert Kunst9 dagar sedan
  • Grian: He who controls cows, controls the server Also grian: COW!!

    PokeBlueXPokeBlueX9 dagar sedan
  • TvT

    Carolyn JohnsonCarolyn Johnson9 dagar sedan
  • 4:36 Grian's laughhhhh

    Ender Inc恩德Ender Inc恩德9 dagar sedan

    enzo varinenzo varin9 dagar sedan
  • If you wanted to really scare someone, you should yelled "demonetized"

    Acumi “Psycho” the ReaperAcumi “Psycho” the Reaper10 dagar sedan
  • Grian: I’ve got to go to Renchanting Me rewatching this as he goes to Dogwarts:

    TheUnableDerkTheUnableDerk10 dagar sedan
  • this feels like the last bit of Lord of the Flies

    Jack HanrahanJack Hanrahan10 dagar sedan
  • 21:16 we are the science bro's!

    DaeTheClownDaeTheClown10 dagar sedan
  • At 0:16 Grain does the “Giant enemy spider”

    NathanatorA GamingNathanatorA Gaming10 dagar sedan
  • We are the science bros! *dives off cliff*

    Guest the JediGuest the Jedi10 dagar sedan
  • Scar:the diamond sword took me a lot a of work Me:didn’t he give like 10 reputation points?

    Juke RemiJuke Remi11 dagar sedan
  • Cleo's "I heard that" was the funniest point in this series so far

    OminousShrimpOminousShrimp11 dagar sedan
  • Grian laugh im not going to said ehat happend🤣

    Super InggoSuper Inggo12 dagar sedan
  • you know 4 rabbit hide turns into leather or is that gust in bedrock

    Sam HignightSam Hignight12 dagar sedan
  • I love how Skizzelman is just terrified of red Scar and Scars just like OoO a hot tub

    TheQueenOfCats 4TheQueenOfCats 412 dagar sedan
  • "He who controls the cows, controls the server" so - Hinducraft?

    SamerSamer12 dagar sedan
  • Only if this server had a jungle, then you could’ve given Ren 12 bamboo

    Battle Cats Uber NoobBattle Cats Uber Noob13 dagar sedan
  • scar: dont look back just dont look back grian: proceeds to look back

    Gemini NaeGemini Nae14 dagar sedan
  • 25:04 The best part for me is Skizz wheezing in the background

    Lauren C.Lauren C.14 dagar sedan
  • Grian's a willing hostage at this point hahahah

    WafflesCureSadnessWafflesCureSadness14 dagar sedan
  • Scar is burninating the country side.

    Kyle WoodsKyle Woods14 dagar sedan
  • We are the science bros scream science!!! Grian nooooooo!!!!!

    Sakamaki-IzayoiSakamaki-Izayoi15 dagar sedan
  • "Why are they smoking out a hive? That does nothing!" - Grian, professional Minecrafter

    MoliMoli15 dagar sedan
  • 12:24 That little glance scar gave grian was GOLD

    Edward ColenEdward Colen15 dagar sedan
  • Instead of boo maybe say “we are here to talk to you about your car’s extended warranty”

    NoodleNoodle15 dagar sedan
  • shortest outro ever!

    EggvisEggvis16 dagar sedan
  • Rabbit hide= leather

    CrecretiwaasCrecretiwaas16 dagar sedan
  • Scar: Oh good i hid the chestplate Cleo: i heard that!

    Andrew WetzelAndrew Wetzel16 dagar sedan
  • "we are the science bros" Famous last words

    PinopleyPinopley16 dagar sedan
  • the lama was not named pizza

    e2theh XDe2theh XD16 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be smart to breed cows with solidarity's and grian's because then they could have two babies and keep one each

    SamRay09SamRay0916 dagar sedan

    Alan MAlan M16 dagar sedan
  • Top 10 saddest deaths in anime

    cloud 0 i guess?cloud 0 i guess?16 dagar sedan
  • 7:03 If you put a campfire beneath a beehive you can collect honey with glass bottles without making the bees mad

    Christopher IngleChristopher Ingle16 dagar sedan
  • Boo is old school. Like, Latin language old.

    Weretyu7777Weretyu777717 dagar sedan
  • A sacrifice for science.

    YeetGamezYeetGamez17 dagar sedan
  • go to 3:47 and at the top left corner u see a little part of a cow Grian missed it :/

    Sreekar ReddySreekar Reddy17 dagar sedan
  • Wait what about clay

    Parker ZeiglerParker Zeigler17 dagar sedan
  • that auto tune is on point 21:17

    SL VanishSL Vanish17 dagar sedan
  • 7:03 Grian you potato! You ruined their honey farm

    Axolotl ́s WorkbenchAxolotl ́s Workbench17 dagar sedan
  • Ok so next time Instead of BOO play ITS FRIDAY AGAIIINNN on ur phone as close to ur computer as u can

    WolfgirlgamingWolfgirlgaming17 dagar sedan
  • “Grian...I didn’t mind the gap”

    IntrovertIntrovert17 dagar sedan
  • hey wassimmmmmm that minecraft séries are amzing

    melouah anismelouah anis17 dagar sedan
    • 😂😂

      Nomli NouasNomli Nouas17 dagar sedan
    • True

      Nomli NouasNomli Nouas17 dagar sedan
  • This serie is amazingly hilarious

    Nomli NouasNomli Nouas17 dagar sedan
    • Scaaaaar

      Nomli NouasNomli Nouas17 dagar sedan
  • Breed the cows

    Minnie GMinnie G17 dagar sedan
  • 0:14 what my teacher sounds like when she has bad connection:

    4ndr3wplaysgames4ndr3wplaysgames18 dagar sedan
  • 1:19 f o r e s h a d o w i n g

    Vadi FadomsVadi Fadoms18 dagar sedan
  • You should have an Enderman connected to every person and if they do anything wrong, release the Enderman

    Miro 7604Miro 760418 dagar sedan
  • You use the campfire under a beehive to smoke them out so they don’t sting you when you collect the honey.

    Sho CastSho Cast19 dagar sedan
  • Is no one allowed to wear a helmet?

    Just_ADudeJust_ADude19 dagar sedan
  • Make creeper noise when sneaking.

    cyber warlordcyber warlord19 dagar sedan
  • I love how Cleo almost never talks, you just hear her cackling in the background of eVERY ePISODE 😂

    Xx_WolfieAquaDragon_xXXx_WolfieAquaDragon_xX19 dagar sedan
  • The faint ‘you okay’ at 19:54🥺

    Francesca RoseFrancesca Rose19 dagar sedan
  • This is karma for scar

    EnvyEnvy19 dagar sedan
  • 21:16 That is so unbelievably comical

    TitaniumSBTitaniumSB20 dagar sedan
  • 21:11

    BobTheBoxBobTheBox20 dagar sedan
  • The juvenile composition contemporaneously change because vegetarian notablely replace toward a big caption. domineering, few fierce red

    kofqura buseccekofqura busecce20 dagar sedan
  • they forgot that they can just break the cactai

    Georgi PlayingGeorgi Playing20 dagar sedan
  • Nooo!!! Scar is dead

  • the fire under the behive is what allows you to empty it without making them mad

    Kitty P IVKitty P IV20 dagar sedan
  • you guys should just slaughter all tangos cows. boom, now YOU have a monopoly on cows

    Blue Wolf Blue Wolf 21 dag sedan
  • 24:35 for me

    Supor SpeedSupor Speed21 dag sedan
  • 17:30 "I HID THE CHESTPLATE" "i heard that!"

    Supor SpeedSupor Speed21 dag sedan
  • whilst u guys are the sand dudes u could build a giant sand wall, wichu have 2 mine down 2 get in

    Osos the potatoOsos the potato21 dag sedan
  • Scar's good at scamming lmao

    Silvermist neoncloudSilvermist neoncloud21 dag sedan
  • Pls name the desert “ the deserted”

    Campbell MurphyCampbell Murphy21 dag sedan
  • Grian: "I won't mind if you remove that boat" Scar: "Dies before removing the boat" Enderman: "Peace"

    Rapid_Fire_14Rapid_Fire_1421 dag sedan
  • bro just go kill all of rens cows

    Hudson JonesHudson Jones22 dagar sedan
  • "It was just a prank" "I'm all up for science and discoveries" - Famous last words

    Johan SakibJohan Sakib22 dagar sedan
  • Science bros loves science forgets about gravity

    Hanzala MoizHanzala Moiz22 dagar sedan
  • Me: I hope no one betrays Scar Also me: Except Grain I want him to betray Scar when he dies

    Random Human BeingRandom Human Being22 dagar sedan
  • Scars just casually says "your right I will kill everyone" 😅😅😅

    Charlotte KriskoCharlotte Krisko22 dagar sedan
  • I love how Scott was asking for sand and you're like I'm Grien but I'm also green

    Isabella StellerIsabella Steller22 dagar sedan
  • scar death was one of the funniest things i've ever seen

    Il polaIl pola23 dagar sedan
  • if coal runs out, what will happen? You should do a monopoly of coal :)

    KlypsKlyps23 dagar sedan