I Built a Motorcycle from Home Depot Parts

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Rumor has it that the worlds greatest motorcycle is not made by harley, indian, suzuki or honda. No its made by home depo, but the catch is that you have to put it together...

Ever see a Harley Davidson with a harbor Freight motor? well check this out

We once put a CR250 motor in a Sportster and it was... check it out

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  • Since you just opened your mouth and ran it Put up or shut up since you think you're better why don't you call out junior and senior and do a biker build off and then we'll see who's better

    michaelsmiley15michaelsmiley15Dag sedan
  • The guy helping you (Craig?) the same dude that helps Tavarish?

    CriticalCritical2 dagar sedan
    • Hahaha

      Bikes and BeardsBikes and BeardsDag sedan
  • The storyteller is in the wrong line of work. One word. Hollywood. Yup.

    dan dinhoferdan dinhofer2 dagar sedan
  • This in Lancaster area?

    David MuscalusDavid Muscalus3 dagar sedan
  • That thing is actually pretty damn cool 😂👍 Great job!

    Mister Master  D.Mister Master D.4 dagar sedan
  • Why is there never people in the shop

    Tim HigginsTim Higgins4 dagar sedan
  • its made of wood the price just tripled on it..

    James R. HellmslyJames R. Hellmsly4 dagar sedan
  • Bruh...I love this channel so much. These dudes are living my dream. I watch every video and I like them all. Thanks for the entertainment dudes! Edit: God bless you all.

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  • that was funny

    reaper2009rzrreaper2009rzr6 dagar sedan
  • Shoot all I want is a couple bicycles with the lil motors on it for me and my nephew he has heart problem s do he gets tired but love your show

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  • Dude that's sooooooooo cool 😎 but you need to change your lid 👍💪✊👊😁

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  • LMAO the revving at 13:52 . Truly dedicated to his craft

    JeraldJerald9 dagar sedan
  • nobody: home depot: |P|R|I|N|G|

    Jeremiah J. NoblesJeremiah J. Nobles10 dagar sedan
  • Build a harbor freight motorcycle

    Ju MoJu Mo10 dagar sedan
  • Coulda just gone with a milwaukee big ass impact taken it apart, removed impact bits, overclocked it, and be running 1400 ftlbs with next to motor weight

    Ethan TullEthan Tull10 dagar sedan
  • Your wife is fine af bro

    Julian ThomasJulian Thomas11 dagar sedan
  • Low battery, shutting down, ad

    Dusty CloverDusty Clover11 dagar sedan
  • Such things would get killed by the "tüv" in Germany.

    Jake Morand the MomozJake Morand the Momoz11 dagar sedan
  • In the early 2000's Home depot in Canada did sell cheep Chinese trail bikes.

    MultiFastfreddieMultiFastfreddie11 dagar sedan
  • Next up: IKEA Motorcycle

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  • Just because you can doesn’t meant you should!

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  • I love how Craig agrees with everything he says😂🤣😂🤣

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  • Damn I didn’t see this video but I finally got to see it and it’s crazy because LUMBER is like $7O $80 apiece I don’t know how you manage to buy all that wood 🪵🤣😂🤣🤣 love u guys keep up the awesome videos

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  • You guys should have used a chainsaw motor

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  • nailagale

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  • I wish I had never seen this video. I can not unsee, you were wearing a mask outside of homedepo.

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  • Come to Florida and it can be street legal

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  • I will buy it

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  • Have you sent this to Home Depot? maybe get a good sponsor...

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  • Awesome, Sean and crew. Thanks for making me smile for the rest of the day. Metal frames are for wimps!

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  • I have a motorcycle for sale it is a chopper with a 212 cc engine

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  • id buy it for that price

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  • sir you cant film here

  • I wanna buy it how much?

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  • Shoot I would like one for just driving around the property.

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  • The God references are dumb.

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  • Cool video thanks dad

    GucciGucci18 dagar sedan
    • No problem

      Bikes and BeardsBikes and Beards18 dagar sedan
  • Dude, I sent you $2500 and got my Home Depot gift card, but the fricken parts diagram is in Chinese and upside down... WTF bro, and it had pizza stains on it. I want my $1300 back asap!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨

    LUCKY JOELUCKY JOE18 dagar sedan
    • you got what you paid for

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  • wtf is up with the cheap bible thumping? I refuse to watch anymore of your videos because of it. If I wanted a sermon I'd go to church.

    HeyZeusss666HeyZeusss66619 dagar sedan
    • ok thanks

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    • He can do what he wants

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  • lol

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  • try yatri electric bike made in nepal

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  • I may be drunk but I love ur vids

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    • youe not drunk, your just smart

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  • Do this but a go kart

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  • Ha you know this is pretty cool acually, nice video👍

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    • Thanks for the visit

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  • LMFAO ... Well done.

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  • My Predator 500 with a f*** ton done to it 91HP identifies as a bicycle!!! so I can ride it on the road to legally LMFAO🤣🤣🤣

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    • Love your videos brother I'm right down in North Jersey right on the border would love to stop by the shop one day should order a 155 Daytona mxr really want one for the farm well Ride safe keep the wheels down🤙

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  • And then something great happened surprisingly great rate from State farm

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  • Tried to send money to address mentioned in video...Mail came back as undelivered wanted that home depot gift card and diagram so I can build my own bike as well.

    BlueTurboBlueTurbo21 dag sedan
    • Let me check

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  • Can you do a Walmart ATV ?

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    • maybe i could

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  • I love the pull start haha

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  • sean and Craig don't wear masks in public... Neat

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  • Hi I was wondering my birth day is coming up June 11 can we find out a way for u to give me a dirt bike 🚴 I'm wanting a kawaski kx65 if u could reach out to me that would be great keep up the great work bro love ur vids

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  • lost me at the bible verse

    SuperXygoteSuperXygote23 dagar sedan
    • well then let me explain, it was a verse from a Book that is called the Bible. these words and verses from in the Bible are Gods word. God loves you and sent his son to die for your sins if you choose to accept it

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  • Now make one for $600 from Harbor Freight!

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  • Y’all really don’t like to wear masks in doors

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  • The bikeHe drew is a Ducati panigale

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  • this is the most dad thing to do

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  • Ahhh the new triumph street cripple lol

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  • It looks kinda like a V-Rod

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  • Love the Bible verse mention in the video and shown how that verse was applicable in life! Good stuff man!

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    • Yes! Thank you!

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  • too lazy to install disc brakes lol

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  • I'm interested. 0-60 time and 1/4 mile time? LOL Great video.

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  • 6:50 the wheel looks a little german

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  • But she 13.

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  • Nice job wearing a mask

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  • Selling my crypto rn 🤪 investing in home depot stock jkjk

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    • thats a good move alot of people are doing that these days and seems to be no negative side affects

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  • do you have a slingshot i also is legally a motorcycle

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  • I can build a nice ass bike for 1200 Bucks

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  • Did your van just roll coal?

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    • yes sir, it does that when i put my foot on the accelorator

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  • Mockee LOL

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  • You need to use a CAD designer. Cardboard Aided Design.

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  • off course you can make any vehicle with a dewalt engine

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  • 0:25 Stututu?

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  • This took more creative engineering than most college students in the field even know how to do.

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    • yeah sure

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  • orange county choppers my steal your idea.Ride on and Rock on.

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  • yo, that guy is from Kenya, IM FROM KENYA!!!!!!

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  • Growing up we would build go-karts out of grocery carts lawn mower engines bicycle parts lumber. The guys at the body shop would help us if we needed anything welded in return us kids would always help them build derby cars

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  • Build a lowes bike

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  • Stay 6 feet from others lol not from mothers

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  • 'Harley Depotson"

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  • Needs to be blacked out!!! This is amazing!

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  • Could have use saw blades for the sprockets and then could have adjusted the gearing for speed.

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  • Jesus loves you so much that he gave his life for you because you sinned against him! Repent and trust in him and be saved! Have a good day:)

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  • Apparently someone is making a diesel CDI quad www.alibaba.com/product-detail/110cc-Adult-Quad-Diesel-4-Stroke_62141110319.html?spm=a2700.pc_countrysearch.main07.3.4b2d3dcf1k28eI

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