Minecraft But Everything is 10x Bigger!

We have to beat Minecraft but everything is 10 times bigger! This isn't nearly as easy as it sounds so watch the video to see how we struggled.
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Ladda ner



  • Jimmy did not do anything in that challenge

    VVM VauhtiVVM VauhtiTimme sedan
  • "Chris your sword is so big" Jimmy 2021

    Daniel WankmullerDaniel WankmullerTimme sedan
  • Stan bts!!

    chim chimchim chimTimme sedan
  • 7:40 What the heck?

    EpicEmzPlayzEpicEmzPlayz2 timmar sedan
  • Karma

    Alma Mier NievesAlma Mier Nieves2 timmar sedan
  • Did karl rage?Lol

    Caen Sky CostanCaen Sky Costan3 timmar sedan
  • 😂😂😁

    Louis FourieLouis Fourie4 timmar sedan
  • I like your channel

    Louis FourieLouis Fourie4 timmar sedan
  • He to creative lol

    Dababy Lets goDababy Lets go5 timmar sedan
  • i hate my life

    BYT frightBYT fright7 timmar sedan
  • lol ghasts are gonna be HUGE

    FriendlySlenderFrieFriendlySlenderFrie8 timmar sedan
  • Where is Chandler

    D1360 DjD1360 Dj9 timmar sedan
  • Sheep 1 min = big

    mooshymooshy13 timmar sedan
    • 1 min beffore the mod small

      mooshymooshy13 timmar sedan

    Alisson VelasquezAlisson Velasquez17 timmar sedan
  • Chris: look how cute the salmon is 😊 👀 Wilbur: uhh dis bich 😩👺

    Blue UniversxBlue Universx18 timmar sedan
  • This, was one of the funniest video I have seen in this gaming channel. Man Chris, knows how to make the content funny. (Keep bullying Karl. It makes Jimmy’s content funnier) LOL.

    VortexVortex19 timmar sedan
  • Being giant In minecraft isn't easy!but being small are a little bit easy

    Jeremy CastilloJeremy Castillo19 timmar sedan
  • Stan bts 💜💜💜💜

    Asisi macalinatal pagusan villanoAsisi macalinatal pagusan villano20 timmar sedan
  • If only wilbur was here for the salmon

    WOLF LOVERWOLF LOVER21 timme sedan
  • Not me seeing salmons and eminently thinking Wilbur and funny 😆

    Alice AnderssonAlice Andersson21 timme sedan
  • 0:06 NOOOO!! NOOOOOO!

    Farell AricFarell Aric22 timmar sedan
  • Not going to lie Karl is my favorite

    issabella Missabella M22 timmar sedan
  • 0:56 wow

    Cheeky AbbyCheeky AbbyDag sedan
  • The "STAN BTS" is my fave part because I'm an army🖐️😃 HAHAHAHA

    Sairich YhealleSairich YhealleDag sedan
  • Karl missed dimonds

    kabir Rajputkabir RajputDag sedan
  • Clickbait: they are actually 10x smaller

    Ju5tixJu5tixDag sedan
    • Whaat

      Tom ElliottTom ElliottDag sedan
  • Wait im confused, Why are mobs spawning At day?

    DevyPHDevyPHDag sedan
  • Karl Said Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh

    Kaeun Neil YoungKaeun Neil YoungDag sedan

    amanda laneamanda laneDag sedan
  • Karl Scream lol 3:13 😂😂😂

    JordanPH123JordanPH123Dag sedan
  • U guys should do 1 hour 20 minutes

    Derek LinDerek LinDag sedan

    namjoocy 7namjoocy 7Dag sedan
  • 2:23 karl just missed a diamond xd

    MxheMxheDag sedan
  • Big man = Big Portal

    Royce ReyesRoyce ReyesDag sedan
  • Who just loves sitting down relaxing watching this type of quality of content?

    BigMuffinBunBigMuffinBunDag sedan
  • Yes Karl you are right they should stan BTS

    Mary ThereseMary ThereseDag sedan
  • Anyone else Army-

    MayoBlox OfficialMayoBlox OfficialDag sedan
  • Jimmy :Everything else is 10x bigger expect the world, oh and Karl Karl: sad noises

    Colin DabboyColin DabboyDag sedan
  • Bruh he passed diamonds like 3 times

    Cameron SelfCameron SelfDag sedan
  • If YoU LaUgH YoUr DuMb

    gamergirl_meowgamergirl_meowDag sedan
  • You are my favorite SEslow

    Sawdust and WaxSawdust and WaxDag sedan
  • Me when i see the title : ... ok cool *clicks ... also me : WAIT BUT IF EVERYTHING IS BIG WHY ARENT U???.😧

    Mya DumeignilMya DumeignilDag sedan
  • How do you make them 10 times bigger

    Matthew CollinsMatthew CollinsDag sedan
  • Wait if everything is 10x bigger does that mean that if your small you shrank

    AhRby 05AhRby 05Dag sedan
  • Much more money spent by Mr. Beast in minecraft than some african countries ✅✔

    LoCraftLoCraftDag sedan
  • Why did I just start smiling

    ooooo kill emooooo kill emDag sedan
  • If u close ur eyes and Just listen this is the dirtiest video on SEslow

    Jacob CoathupJacob CoathupDag sedan
  • How was it being chandler in minecrafry

    Charlie The mooseCharlie The mooseDag sedan
  • The day you did this video was my birthday thank you and can i have a shout out please thank you bye.

    Sami NuruzzamanSami NuruzzamanDag sedan
  • Wait why am I not 😂🤣

    Jacob FehrJacob FehrDag sedan
  • I will not subscribe until they stop bullying Karl

    TacticologyTacticologyDag sedan
  • Stan BTS- Karl 2021

    NaanNaanDag sedan
  • karl saying we are gonna dig till we find some diamonds and misses them at 2 34

  • No

    ImmortalityImmortalityDag sedan
  • *Attack on titan playing on the background*

    Raizer 19Raizer 19Dag sedan
  • How do you beat Minecraft

  • In a dif video jimmy said I love BlackPink you can’t tell me they aren’t kpop fans

    Alli SummersAlli SummersDag sedan
  • I know how you feel I lost a bet but I was a uncun

    Awesome man ThomasAwesome man ThomasDag sedan
  • Karl missed a dimond

    Joy ZhangJoy Zhang2 dagar sedan
  • When u realize ur in (attack on minecraft)

    HelloHello2 dagar sedan
  • Carl didn't see the diamond

    Corax GamingツCorax Gamingツ2 dagar sedan

    Leigh POV makerLeigh POV maker2 dagar sedan
  • M

    Kyle’s WifeKyle’s Wife2 dagar sedan
  • STAN BTS karl yow

    Janiah Shie SabasJaniah Shie Sabas2 dagar sedan
  • I want the mod nameeeeee!!!!!!!

    Mummy Daddy Bacha - بچہMummy Daddy Bacha - بچہ2 dagar sedan
  • Wait where's chandler?

    Lovely Rose MontojoLovely Rose Montojo2 dagar sedan
  • Karl just missed Diamond on 2:24.😤 At left side.

    pubg G.Mpubg G.M2 dagar sedan
    • Mebeast if u are seeing this comment just pin it or if u want u can also give me a heart.💓

      pubg G.Mpubg G.M2 dagar sedan
    • Just Look carefully.

      pubg G.Mpubg G.M2 dagar sedan
    • Oh yeah boy

      pubg G.Mpubg G.M2 dagar sedan

    日 『 スラップバード 』日日 『 スラップバード 』日2 dagar sedan
  • Karl: Stan BTS Me: WOOOOO!!! YEAH!!!!

    Princess CaramiaPrincess Caramia2 dagar sedan
  • It's amazing on how much out of context meme they made in just 9:00 of a video

    Slime SquireSlime Squire2 dagar sedan
  • You passed a diamond karel

    Cool gaming UmCool gaming Um2 dagar sedan
  • Hahahahahaha

    kaysan parentkaysan parent2 dagar sedan
  • Im use Ming my moms phone

    esanna floresanna flor2 dagar sedan
  • Please help my mom me best

    esanna floresanna flor2 dagar sedan
  • Fifteen

    Hello GuysHello Guys2 dagar sedan

    Abigail TowettAbigail Towett2 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe Chris gave the pigmen golden nuggets

    LumpDoubloonLumpDoubloon2 dagar sedan
  • Well this is embarrassing

    Mr Beast 6000Mr Beast 60002 dagar sedan
  • Wow

    GiraffeGiraffe2 dagar sedan
  • At 2:24 Karl sais well keep getting diamonds while digging and he missed some 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Leeya PapouliasLeeya Papoulias2 dagar sedan
  • 3:20 lol

    jy4741jy47412 dagar sedan
  • I love your videos very much

    Ron GilpinRon Gilpin2 dagar sedan
  • ,

    Danielle RickardDanielle Rickard2 dagar sedan
    • So funny

      Danielle RickardDanielle Rickard2 dagar sedan
  • Its not esay being green

    Brittney OrndorffBrittney Orndorff2 dagar sedan
  • It's ok kris you just need to "let it go"

    Saberlight gamingSaberlight gaming2 dagar sedan
  • 2:24 Carl missed the diamonds

    TurtlesRcoolTurtlesRcool2 dagar sedan

    Brendan KeeganBrendan Keegan2 dagar sedan
  • ok notice how at the nether there all screaming but... none of them are taking any damage(¬_¬ )

    ClickzmarClickzmar2 dagar sedan
  • 2:23 Karl: were going to keep mining diamonds until the day we die" nobody: he past diamonds as he's saying that XD

    ClickzmarClickzmar2 dagar sedan
  • That 1 boy "dibs on elsa" me: lol Xddd

    Mythical 5 members *aftons*Mythical 5 members *aftons*2 dagar sedan
  • You can do it and sub to mr beast and pinkypie

    Anh Duy PhạmAnh Duy Phạm2 dagar sedan
  • Stan BTS 😂

    Bangtan fans girlBangtan fans girl2 dagar sedan
  • 2:24 there was literally diamonds to Karl's left

    Gumball gamerGumball gamer2 dagar sedan
  • carl 2:20 found diamond and missed

    ZedVic GTZedVic GT2 dagar sedan
  • Can you give me 100 $ I'm broken 😭😭

    PavliTheBossPavliTheBoss3 dagar sedan
  • why was Chris trying so hard not to beat the game so he could be a princess

    ankit rajendraankit rajendra3 dagar sedan
  • Are the things bigger or you are smaller

    Eric_ GamersEric_ Gamers3 dagar sedan
  • How to do that

    Ella EncaboElla Encabo3 dagar sedan
  • Question: Who goes to Walmart dress like a princess? Answer: MrBeast

    Dilawar KhanDilawar Khan3 dagar sedan
  • 6:13 chirs it is hard to be a big boi!

    Rangi KiraRangi Kira3 dagar sedan