SNOW CONTAINER - Angelica Larsson

Hi friends! another day in winter wonderland 😍💙
I'm going to exchange an old container at one of the recycling stations into a new one 🥰
the plow truck didn't manage to fix the road before I got there, but I could change the container without any problem 😃
we open the container so that the people will be able to reach to throw their stuff 😎 and I do have my electric drivers card in my truck, but there's a fault with the reader ⭐
00:00 Damon Empero - Vacation
01:37 Koven x Roy Knox - About Me
03:20 Damon Empero - Vacation
03:49 Unknown Brian - Dance With Me
05:30 Damon Empero - Vacation
06:31 Beauz - Memories
07:15 TheFatRat -
09:12 Konrad Mill - Evolved
11:49 Koven x Roy Knox - About Me
12:32 MagSonics - Nothing at all
12:54 MagSonics - Nothing at all
14:30 Legends Never Die - League of Legends
15:01 Legends Never Die - League of Legends
15:39 Legends Never Die - League of Legends
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  • You fot to watch driving you truck in that deep of snow that you Don't get stuck in the snow

    Thomas EverettThomas Everett9 minuter sedan
  • Nossa que trabalho, vc e guerreira, amo essa sua voz. Porteirinha Brazil

    mateus antunesmateus antunes10 timmar sedan
  • I imagine it's hard to keep a positive attitude in those conditions. I'm not sure I would keep the torch in the cab since it could leak and there are a lot of spark sources in there. Good job as always!

    John CarterJohn Carter10 timmar sedan
  • How beautiful you are, you can go crazy

    ДенисДенисDag sedan
  • Fortissima ragazza !!! Ciao da vicenza italy

    Luigi De GobbiLuigi De GobbiDag sedan
  • Great job you are doing good job keeping on Trucking 🚚 😉

    Jessie AguilarJessie Aguilar2 dagar sedan
  • You have beautiful eyes 😍

    Jessie AguilarJessie Aguilar2 dagar sedan
  • You have a beautiful smile 😍

    Jessie AguilarJessie Aguilar2 dagar sedan
  • I love you 🌹🌹🌹intelegant lady driver

    muhammad sherazmuhammad sheraz2 dagar sedan
  • Angelica I hope they pay you well. you are good at driving.

    Simpli Shelbi TVSimpli Shelbi TV3 dagar sedan
  • This video shows how skilled women are and can manage almost every work as men👌🌹

    Gentleman ShopGentleman Shop3 dagar sedan
  • sweet girl wow :-)

    lars mestermannlars mestermann4 dagar sedan
  • Unloading an empty container to… load another empty container..!! Unless the pleasure to see you, what’s the point ? 😳🤔😘

    Xavier. CXavier. C5 dagar sedan
  • Good points on the tire differences. Here in America we truck drivers use the same tires year round. That's why we have to carry chains. The snow here in the 48 contiguous states is a lot different than the snow you have. It's easier to drive on the snow in Alaska too than it is in the lower 48 states.

    Trucker MaxTrucker Max5 dagar sedan
  • Hello from Russia. where is the video with the oversized cargo? I wanted to see it later, but I can't find it now.

    База 82База 826 dagar sedan
  • Не,не понравилось и следующее твоё видео смотреть не буду,ты не показываешь себя настоящую 🙄 Так что сорри!!

    Владимир ГлазыринВладимир Глазырин6 dagar sedan
  • Brilliant drving in the snow, that's how it's done !! love your vid's take care David.

    David ThorpeDavid Thorpe6 dagar sedan
  • The rear axle is not even turning

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan6 dagar sedan
  • Greetings from Canada beautiful lady

    Winston c RyanWinston c Ryan6 dagar sedan
  • Incredible young lady would put a lot of men to shame willing no nonsense just get the job done

    chris Hemphillchris Hemphill7 dagar sedan
  • Wow Angelica you are the only woman I have ever seen hauling a wide load like that one you was hauling and had to reverse up to 5km you are exceptional darling and so beautiful xx

    William ThorpeWilliam Thorpe7 dagar sedan
  • You asked about how to see the road better. If you mean better because of snow blindness, you could try yellow spot lights. Some truckers here in iceland use them. I think they position them low to cast a yellow glow on the snow, similar to a shadow.

    Sverrir Daði ÞórarinssonSverrir Daði Þórarinsson7 dagar sedan
  • wish l was there.

    PushyhogPushyhog7 dagar sedan
  • 👋👍😊

    Steven GuevaraSteven Guevara7 dagar sedan
  • Big bucket?? Lol! The thing is an enormous, gigantic sized special load, I´ld say. Well done, again, dear Angelica! Great work!

    FREEDOM!FREEDOM!7 dagar sedan
  • You said Buttom instead of Button. Cute.😉

    Elviz ManElviz Man8 dagar sedan
  • who sets up all the camera angles?

    James StoddardJames Stoddard8 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful place..! Where is this.

    Yash ShettyYash Shetty8 dagar sedan
  • you are a very beautiful girl ! Hello from Russia !

    Gosha 27Gosha 279 dagar sedan
  • I love. You

    Bmเกจังเลยอยากไ,ปหาปลาด้วย เก่งBmBmเกจังเลยอยากไ,ปหาปลาด้วย เก่งBm9 dagar sedan
  • Where is my favorite girl..I miss you..hope you're doing well..lots of love..hope to see you from USA 🇺🇸

    Dan ViereckDan Viereck9 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for sharing your experience with your truck...Keep the good work!!! Great...

    Renato ClaroRenato Claro9 dagar sedan
  • Hi Angelica. Would you give me a job opportunity? Please.

    Monica Villacis VallesterosMonica Villacis Vallesteros10 dagar sedan
  • Use that "bottom" baby... 🤣🤣🤣 always better...

  • Are you ever going to put another or more videos out I sure miss you videos please put some more out please please please

    Scott SasserScott Sasser10 dagar sedan
  • take time You will Always Make it Gorgeous Love You Vids

    Bruce OconnorBruce Oconnor10 dagar sedan
  • ❤❤

    love Dhillonlove Dhillon10 dagar sedan
  • Mad respect girl you got skills.

    NormanNorman10 dagar sedan
  • Erers Muy Beautiful Ay love love love Herrmosa preciosa Very Nice

    Daniel BarbosaDaniel Barbosa11 dagar sedan
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Adolf EskAAdolf EskA11 dagar sedan
  • Did you have chains with you when you went to this recicle station.You did as always a great jobb but considering how much snow it was there putting on chains would be a better to be sare then sorry. One should never trust people when it comes to safety isiuss going to an isolated place

    Leif AnderssonLeif Andersson11 dagar sedan
  • Praise The LORD for this woman! ;-)

    Maurice HermsenMaurice Hermsen12 dagar sedan
  • Amazing video! But i like videos where u drive tuned trucks like the yellow jacobssons 3 years later. Maybe this summer🤩😎

    drezzdrezz12 dagar sedan
    • 1 year* i mean

      drezzdrezz12 dagar sedan
  • which country are you .i want to join you to this job

    Angel LadyAngel Lady13 dagar sedan
  • Hua! Vad mycket snö! Men du fixar allt!. Ta det försiktigt ute på vintervägarna!. Kram från Södra Sverige!

    WXIWXIWXIWXI13 dagar sedan
  • Angelica I love you girl 💕

    Juan PeñaJuan Peña13 dagar sedan
  • Good seeing you Angelica ! you are a hard worker !! keep up the work and b careful out there !

    Raptor Machine & Tool Co.Raptor Machine & Tool Co.13 dagar sedan
  • Bonjour Angelica . j'espère que allez bien :) en tout cas vous me faite toujours sourire quand vous parler ,vous êtes trop marante. hello I hope you are well :) anyway you always make me smile when you talk to you, you are too arrowroot

    Ser135 laurentSer135 laurent13 dagar sedan
  • MY QUEEN!!❤🇲🇽

    cabra deboloncabra debolon15 dagar sedan
  • I need your help ang. I’ve failed my class a cdl road exam twice and my last test is 5-13. I keep having an issue with downshifting. I really gotta get this license I have great opportunities available to me when I do

    JimmyJimmy15 dagar sedan
  • You have become mi mentor but tell me what are the requirements for some to start

    Mos KadduMos Kaddu16 dagar sedan
  • thanks for sharing, love the snow.

    keith yountkeith yount16 dagar sedan
  • Are you read my comment..... i just Wonder how are you now. Or i just to tired want some attention... just kind of feeling when im watching your video. I want try some New Stuff like you said. The hard one right. Okey take care @angelicalarsontrucker

    Syaiful NazrySyaiful Nazry16 dagar sedan
  • Анжелика здорова! А ты можешь сделать видео твоего вождения от первого лица, какой нибудь твоей поездки на час и более? Из пожеланий - майка с глубоким вырезом и камера с ракурсом на уровне груди...=) Вангую несколько миллионов просмотров...=) Миллион просмотров на ПорнХабе, на ЮТуб думаю не стоит такое вкидывать...=)

    3gopoBa 3gopoBa3gopoBa 3gopoBa16 dagar sedan
  • Are you married 😊

    pillbert did itpillbert did it16 dagar sedan
    • To another woman.

      Jason Blaha FitnessJason Blaha Fitness9 dagar sedan
  • What happened to my favorite girl

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  • класс)

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  • Гоаориш а я картошечку жарю по русски на са ле как маслоо.не вру.

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  • Я тоже дальнобойщик я сичас еду на тигаче Ивеко из Москвы в Америку

    Андрей КуракинАндрей Куракин17 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Агайс

    Андрей КуракинАндрей Куракин17 dagar sedan
  • Hi, I wonder how old you are?

    Radko StanoevRadko Stanoev17 dagar sedan
  • Commenting on American truckers and their chains - in the USA, an average trucker can go from sea-level and 35+ C to over 3.5k above sea-level and -15 C (with snow) and back again in less than 2 days' worth of driving. Snow tires on big trucks are not practical... they would wear them out too fast in the nicer weather.

    j aj a17 dagar sedan

    Damian SpeedDamian Speed17 dagar sedan
  • I like to do watch your videos! You are amazing, that you solved the problems! You are full of energy and pozitive feelings! thank you! :)

    Attila KonkolyAttila Konkoly18 dagar sedan
  • Hello my beautiful friend love your videos please be careful out there.🙏✝️❤️

    aj gonzalesaj gonzales18 dagar sedan
  • Какая красивая

    Эдуард МирзоянЭдуард Мирзоян18 dagar sedan

    JESSICA JonesJESSICA Jones18 dagar sedan
  • Og hvor er setebelte unge dame?;)

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  • Jag älskar dina videos. Saknar dig i svenska truckers. du kanske inte har tid med det? All kärlek till dig ❤️

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    Рафа хабибуллинРафа хабибуллин18 dagar sedan
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  • God bless you 🙏

    VINOD RANAVINOD RANA19 dagar sedan
  • Hi ! I want you to know that I love your videos, I admire your skill, your energy as a person, greetings from Minneapolis USA

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  • Very beatiful❤😘

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  • My love puts the caption in Portuguese I love you

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  • Angelica, in this video you showed us how to lock the axels to provide better traction and you stressed the importance of remembering to unlock them so you don't break your truck. Hmmm... in the video you did NOT show you unlocking them... I hope you did not break your truck! BTW (By The Way) thanks for your cheerful and fun videos... you make life seem so much happier!

    Jim HartmanJim Hartman19 dagar sedan
  • omg you are so pretty how long have you been driving for?

    brian millardbrian millard20 dagar sedan
  • Hiii sister❤ miss u so much🥰🥰

    Manjinder buttar ButtarManjinder buttar Buttar20 dagar sedan
  • That was some pretty sweet maneuvering around the lot. I was impressed that you were able to pack the snow for traction. Those lockers are a saver. Wonderful job, Angelica!!!

    Michael DiNunzioMichael DiNunzio20 dagar sedan
  • 💌💕🌹👁👌

    سامر قلمونسامر قلمون20 dagar sedan
  • You Are Fantastic

    søren holmsøren holm20 dagar sedan
  • Awesome!😁

    Anton PandourskyAnton Pandoursky20 dagar sedan
  • I give you that!You can drive and load your freight 🙂

    Anton PandourskyAnton Pandoursky20 dagar sedan
  • Hi Angelica!How come your voice sounds different when you speak your native swedish than when you speak english?😁

    Anton PandourskyAnton Pandoursky20 dagar sedan

    vinicius santanavinicius santana20 dagar sedan
  • you ara cute,i like you❣️🌷

    zuhair omarzuhair omar21 dag sedan
  • Hi Angelina I don't if you are interested directly but if you driving long haul around 48 states in the usa Shelby from youtube channel. Happiness by the mile. Has jobs going over there . You work for her directly if interested or know anyone that might be interested watch her latest video on SEslow it has all the details underneath how to contact her. She provides all new trucks and outfits them and she is family oriented so you get time of to spend time with your family. Like you she is small but self driven and has passion. Have a good day. Remember Happiness by the mile. 👍

    Greg LindenGreg Linden21 dag sedan
    • @Go Daddio TV OK and I understand where you coming from. One day she might want to have a operation in Canada as well and I say she might be interested in you to look after the Canadian side of things . It might be worth keeping in the back of your mind. As the old saying goes Never say Never Agian. And time changes and people change with it. And another saying you don't no what the future holds as it hasn't been written yet. Good luck and been interesting texting you. Have a Good life. 👍

      Greg LindenGreg Linden20 dagar sedan
    • @Greg Linden I have 20yrs and 2,000,000 miles experience, in Canada and refuse to run the US anymore because of Border delays on both sides. I'll be retired or dead long before she expands with a Canadian Division. Don't fool yourself. Every Trucker does it for the Money, enjoyment of the job and pride in it comes in a distant 2nd and 3rd. If Solo pays .60mile Team will pay 1.10-1.15mile, it's ALWAYS been like that. Pin to Pin I didn't mind because I was home every night but I'm strictly a Decker now, oversize loads are more fun to play with.

      Go Daddio TVGo Daddio TV20 dagar sedan
    • @Go Daddio TV OK. She is also I believe looking for people to trian drivers as well if you been driving for 3 years or more I believe all of her trucks are brand new and fully outfitted from the inside out. But if not your cup of tea that's cool. 60 cents usd I say 8s not a lot only 600.00 per 1.000 less upto I believe 43 percent tax federal and state taxes depending on where you live I do believe in Nevada you don't pay state taxes. So I see your point of view. And the other good point if you have family she makes sure you have time with them . For some people it is enjoyment of the job and the satisfaction of doing your best is far out ways the money side of things but it is not your cup of tea that's cool bit if you have friends let them know course it might be up there alley. And tell them to watch the video from start to finish. 👍

      Greg LindenGreg Linden20 dagar sedan
    • @Greg Linden I've never driven for her. I clicked on a link in a clip I watched just to check out the Driving Jobs offered and saw you need to agree to drive as part of a Team to apply. I've done it elsewhere, driving alone pays better and you don't have to put up with the other Driver's bullshit if you don't get along.

      Go Daddio TVGo Daddio TV20 dagar sedan
    • @Go Daddio TV Allgood so sorry that did not like working for Shelby. At least you gave it go

      Greg LindenGreg Linden20 dagar sedan
  • Я конечно понимаю, что мы не ищем лёгких путей, но разве фирма не могла почистить площадку? Вроде европейская цивилизованная страна, а такая эксплуатация женщины 😁

    Православный АтеистПравославный Атеист21 dag sedan
  • Your the snow Queen😀, how long ago was this video taken

    David MitchellDavid Mitchell21 dag sedan
  • Strong women and beautiful girl❤️❤️❤️❤️

    mr pelancong suka reggemr pelancong suka regge21 dag sedan
  • I am an old man from Texas,you have got to be the most beautiful truck driver in the world,I must admit,keep up the good work,and keep those videos coming,be safe.....thanks for keeping an old man happy

    Steven BarrySteven Barry21 dag sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰👍

  • Super

    Sergej WackerSergej Wacker21 dag sedan
  • Hey Angelica I,m very happy with you are back here.I,m your spanish admired in the roads.See you soon Angelica and be careful with the truck😍

    Luis GarciaLuis Garcia21 dag sedan
  • love you

    silzacromsilzacrom21 dag sedan
  • Hej, från Nya Zeeland, ha en fantastisk dag 🥶🌨️, var säker, ser mysig ut i din lastbil, håll dig varm, se dig.

    ERIC MARTINERIC MARTIN22 dagar sedan
  • I just got my truck (CE) license, also drivers card(tachograph card?) and I'm going to work in Sweden soon. Cant wait, I'm so anxious about it. Seventeenth of May should by my first dayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Tauri HäidmaTauri Häidma22 dagar sedan
  • They won't let me have a torch in my truck after last time. LOL hope you got the joke and it made you smile.

    trucker shamfultrucker shamful22 dagar sedan