Everyone knows the top scorers in NHL history...but can you name fifty 1000 point scorers? The BarDown Squad takes the Quiz on the road to one of the coolest ODR's around, all thanks to an invitation from the Weiss family!

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  • Whose name were you yelling at the screen that we missed lol?

    Daniel ZakrzewskiDaniel ZakrzewskiMånad sedan
    • Adam Oates

      mike cowsmike cows23 timmar sedan
    • Adam Oates!

      Alexander ValerioAlexander Valerio5 dagar sedan
    • @Bazmandoo 22 yesssss lets go sabrrs

      Samuel StewardSamuel Steward15 dagar sedan
    • Marcel Dionne

      Alyse LutherAlyse Luther16 dagar sedan
    • Adam Oates

      oaketreeoaketree17 dagar sedan
  • Do a defensemen quiz

    Drake Allen WilsonDrake Allen Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • goal horns part 3!

    Adam PalumbieriAdam Palumbieri3 dagar sedan
    • Yes!

      CanadianCollector21CanadianCollector212 dagar sedan
  • Joe kocur only had 162 points

    Anthony DeanAnthony Dean3 dagar sedan
  • Eric steal is not on the hurricanes anymore

    Lucas LaCombe RobloxLucas LaCombe Roblox4 dagar sedan
  • I’m a fan of Chris B. Go red wings

    studer25kstuder25k8 dagar sedan
  • We need a Crosby quiz since he reached 1000 games recently

    Ryan BigginsRyan Biggins8 dagar sedan
  • Go leafs go

    cale9210 cale9210cale9210 cale92109 dagar sedan
  • Best odr on the go!

    Mash709Mash7099 dagar sedan
  • We only have like 3 or 4 bridges lol

    Oscar FosterOscar Foster10 dagar sedan
  • 5:26 nice job on the Jeanneret reference Jesse

    Erik LakelandErik Lakeland11 dagar sedan
  • Adam Oates? Pat Verbeek?

    ZalapskiZalapski11 dagar sedan
  • And your current team is horrible, take that flex! Seen a cup in my life time! Ooooohhh he went there lol 😂

    Rachel HollywoodRachel Hollywood11 dagar sedan
  • Goalie quiz

    Jake KarlssonJake Karlsson12 dagar sedan
  • Sask lets gooo

    Mason ElfordMason Elford13 dagar sedan
  • They’re back

    Ian NaltyIan Nalty14 dagar sedan
  • Make a trade quiz 2 so you can ask Jesse about his favorite Jet Pierre Luc Dubois

    Truman ZerseTruman Zerse14 dagar sedan
  • This is too good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    kyle walshkyle walsh14 dagar sedan
  • Kahoot Quiz ??

    im from that movieim from that movie17 dagar sedan
  • We want new quizzes... 😟

    ChauraiviiChauraivii18 dagar sedan
  • Do an nhl awards quiz Pls!!!

    OstenOsten18 dagar sedan
  • Goal horn quiz 3

    Aedan GuarinoAedan Guarino18 dagar sedan
  • More quizzes

    Ethan O’BrienEthan O’Brien19 dagar sedan
  • why don't you guys try and get the overdrive guys in a quiz

    luka vidaicluka vidaic19 dagar sedan
  • Hey Z When Was The Last Time The Leafs Won A Cup Was It 1967? Oh Yeah Right LGI!

    Sam's Sports ShopSam's Sports Shop20 dagar sedan
  • U guys missed an opportunity with Jesse not yelling “LETS GO” on the PA system 😂😂😂

    Jacob RodriguezJacob Rodriguez20 dagar sedan
  • DZ: That jersey still says 2008 and your current team is terrible. Me: Sniffles in Detroiter

    Max AbbottMax Abbott21 dag sedan
  • I'm here because Famousgoalhorns asked us to come here and demand Goal Horns part 3 from you guys.

    Chris SimmonsChris Simmons21 dag sedan
  • Jesse used to be the dark horse pick, the underdog. Dude has just been totally throwing quizs and trash last year, while also being super obnoxious, Now I have to cheer for like sam or fucking luca

    thebeatleswin1thebeatleswin121 dag sedan
  • Please Make Goal horn quiz three

    King BanzaiKing Banzai21 dag sedan
  • I'll take 1,000 points NHL for $500, Alex, This Original 6 team is the only one, who doesn't have a player who scored 1,000 points for that team? Who are the Maple Laughs!

    LawomenshoopsLawomenshoops21 dag sedan
  • greatest ending of all time

    Emmie WilliamsEmmie Williams22 dagar sedan
  • Lucas pittsburgh jersey is 100% fake

    Costa rican SportsfanCosta rican Sportsfan22 dagar sedan
  • Why so few quizzes of late? How about a quiz on Goalies?

    Stephanie LawlessStephanie Lawless22 dagar sedan
  • The next quiz has to be on Goon Goon last of the enforcers 2 hilarious movies

    TheSlimBrady101TheSlimBrady10122 dagar sedan
  • How did no one gets Adam Oates???

    mike kamyszmike kamysz23 dagar sedan
  • 5 or 6 bridges in Saskatoon? Multiply that by 12 and you are right.

    Rasco ShadowRasco Shadow24 dagar sedan
  • That ODR is insane!

    Mash709Mash70924 dagar sedan
  • Can you guys do a coach’s quiz next?

    EchoEcho25 dagar sedan
  • How did no one say Mogilny

  • We need more Bardown quizzes

    jp gjp g26 dagar sedan
  • I saw pavel barber vid on this rink and was like this person that owns this rink is meeting so many people

    Phoenix AndreaPhoenix Andrea26 dagar sedan
  • Could you do a MLB quiz

    Filipe SoaresFilipe Soares26 dagar sedan
  • Jets r the best

    Calvin SchulzCalvin Schulz27 dagar sedan
  • Penguins are the best team in the league

    Tichy GamesTichy Games27 dagar sedan
  • She said Lemuixe twice, but Claude Lemieux also has over 1000 points so I think that should count

    Kyle HankinsKyle Hankins28 dagar sedan
  • Bobby orrrrr

    HockeyEJLHockeyEJL28 dagar sedan
  • fake fight strap

    SoymilkSoymilk29 dagar sedan
  • Quiz idea: player who scored most goals from each franchise

    T TiippanaT Tiippana29 dagar sedan
  • Quiz idea: player who scored most goals from each franchise

    T TiippanaT Tiippana29 dagar sedan
  • The Uzi vert part killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😝😋😂😂😂😂

    Logan BrushLogan BrushMånad sedan
  • Pavel Bure and Paul Kariya. Mind blown. So skilled. Too many injuries. :(

    Andrew TAndrew TMånad sedan
  • Best promo at the end.

    heroicTrey5heroicTrey5Månad sedan
  • Never any love for Marcel Dionne

    William Andrew TêtuWilliam Andrew TêtuMånad sedan
  • A good video idea would be listing players who have played over 1000 games

    Agent BoudiAgent BoudiMånad sedan
  • Can we get a quiz on Goon????

    Nick KosteckaNick KosteckaMånad sedan
  • I miss corwin

    Tom CourtneyTom CourtneyMånad sedan
  • Saskatchewan has the most NHL players per capita in the world

    Oda WorldOda WorldMånad sedan
  • Could we possibly get a quiz on Enforcers because y not do a quiz on the guys who box out everyone. P.s Derek Boogarson is beastly

    Doot doot JagerDoot doot JagerMånad sedan
  • Lol corwin at the end

    killcancerstevekillcancersteveMånad sedan
  • Where is Corbin

    berlee221berlee221Månad sedan
  • Not one person said Jagr

    Vincenzo ScarapicchiaVincenzo ScarapicchiaMånad sedan
  • Patrik Elias!!!!

    Charles WilburCharles WilburMånad sedan
  • The guy in the Redwings jersey looks like a offbrand ben shapiro

    Aidan EttlinAidan EttlinMånad sedan
  • Luca: Mats Sundin. He’s a Nordiques legend and a Canucks legend. I don’t recognize the other team he played for. Jesse: Leafs legend, Mats Sundin. Ya hear that Luca? Jesse recognized something that you didn’t

    Liam SchoolmanLiam SchoolmanMånad sedan
  • At 0:25 it looks like DZ finally learned how to stop 🤣 Also can you do a AHL affiliates or a all star quiz

    Knight RidersKnight RidersMånad sedan
  • You guys should start a series where you do a quiz about every team separately

    Tyler HeidTyler HeidMånad sedan
  • 1:24 real smooth Luca, I see it coming

    Jack DansoJack DansoMånad sedan
  • Quiz idea. Longest serving captain of each team.

    Remington YatesRemington YatesMånad sedan
  • Take that flex! Seen a cup in my life time!!! RUTHLESS

    Rachel HollywoodRachel HollywoodMånad sedan
  • you guys should do a bardown quiz about bardown quizzes

    ItsLemonBoi15ItsLemonBoi15Månad sedan
  • Quiz idea: Name all 31 win leaders for every team.

    Ryan DayRyan DayMånad sedan
  • Theoren Fleury

    Theoran RhubrightTheoran RhubrightMånad sedan

    Litt1e.BrendanLitt1e.BrendanMånad sedan
  • I don’t know if it’s worse that people thought Joe Kocur had 1000 points or that Z didn’t know who he was

    Caleb CuebaCaleb CuebaMånad sedan
  • CORRECTION Patrick Marleau grew up in a small town named android, not swift current.

    tenten gamingtenten gamingMånad sedan
  • Y’all keep clowning on the Canucks video after video ....

    ryan rempelryan rempelMånad sedan
  • Oh this Chris guy VERY MUCH NEEDED

    Leonardo BarretoLeonardo BarretoMånad sedan
  • But can you name thousand 50 point scorers?

    PotteAikaPotteAikaMånad sedan
  • I discovered these videos late last year and I’ve had a blast catching up on these quizzes. I’ll be honest, my mental health has not been at its best over the last few months with everything going on, but these videos have really helped me get through the tougher days. I love your energy and passion and everyone on these quizzes have great personalities. I just wanted to say thank you.

    Gamingnerd15Gamingnerd15Månad sedan
  • It’s joe kocur but I don’t think he hit 1000

    Mr CooleyMr CooleyMånad sedan
  • 🦑

    Thomas KnowlesThomas KnowlesMånad sedan
  • Jersey quiz round 2!

    Quinn BoulericeQuinn BoulericeMånad sedan
  • I think it’s time for Jesse to put on laines blue Jacket

    Royce Dutch Jr.Royce Dutch Jr.Månad sedan
  • I think pavel datsuk has over 1,000 points

    NitrousNitrousMånad sedan
  • Can you do a Goalies quiz

    Stephen JohnsonStephen JohnsonMånad sedan
  • yo I thought Sam was Pavel Barber lol

    It’s VibesIt’s VibesMånad sedan
  • The end ಠ_ಠ

    XXDecaptionxXs 1028 12XXDecaptionxXs 1028 12Månad sedan
  • You guys should do a quiz about coaches

    Constantine NtakosConstantine NtakosMånad sedan
  • Can someone please get Chris B a "Coaster" Red Wings jersey?!

    A DA DMånad sedan
  • Is Marissa not aware the new bridge between Windsor and Detroit across the Detroit River is called the "Gordie Howe International Bridge" lol

    North America TracksideNorth America TracksideMånad sedan
  • Would love you guys to do a European players quiz or like one for every major hockey nation of Europe (Finland, Sweden, Russia and so on)

    SimonSimonMånad sedan
  • nobody: marissa: "SaSkiE bOY"

    king j-dogking j-dogMånad sedan
  • No Gilbert Perreault love again. No one said him in the Hall of Fame quiz either

    Justin CredibleJustin CredibleMånad sedan
  • Wait I thought you said one strike sistem

    Cade ButlerCade ButlerMånad sedan
  • When I heard him say “oh wait I forgot something”. My volume went: 🔊🔉🔈🔇

    IceyyyIceyyyMånad sedan
  • a goalies quiz

    Tommy BoulaisTommy BoulaisMånad sedan
  • Core in would have probably got all 91

    Sean JonesSean JonesMånad sedan
  • No one said jagr?

    pitfan71pitfan71Månad sedan
  • Do a jeff beukeboom quiz

    Captainron21 CarterCaptainron21 CarterMånad sedan