Inside the Battle Over the UK’s Ancient Woodlands

Overlooking the Chilterns in the heart of the English countryside, Jones Hill Wood is an ancient woodland which is due to be felled for the controversial HS2 rail project, the largest infrastructure project in Europe.

A diverse community of protestors has formed a resistance camp in a bid to stop the woods being cut down. Can putting their bodies on the line through direct action and ecological surveying save the woods?

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  • protesters are weird 😏

    dakidsniquedakidsnique19 timmar sedan
  • Ah bugger, just go on and kill the planet, it's not like we need trees and the like anyway...

    space cowboyspace cowboyDag sedan
  • Another reason to think Boris is a prick

    fictionfictionDag sedan
  • Humans haven't been learn a lesson when natures destroyed.

    Reian CanoyReian Canoy2 dagar sedan
  • did any one them get found guilty?

    GodAtumGodAtum3 dagar sedan
  • This made me sad.

    Kade SweeneyKade Sweeney4 dagar sedan
  • Needless progress built at the cost of our remaining forest habitats is only going to hurt our future children. By 2040 this new rail system may become too costly to repair and may become obsolete and all this woodland will be destroyed for nothing.

    Alan ConstantineAlan Constantine4 dagar sedan
  • i hope the cops kids see their parents 'just doing their job' and hate them for it

    3E Services HQ HQAccount3E Services HQ HQAccount5 dagar sedan
  • HS2 is a front for funnelling taxpayers money to private companies

    Brian -Brian -5 dagar sedan
  • “Progress” is sad…

    MilkMan81MilkMan816 dagar sedan
  • Why does this woodland really matters? Just stop fighting the police

    SnofiSnofi6 dagar sedan
  • How are we meant to build infrastructure without cutting through housing and woodland? It is impossible. HS2 is important and it is not just speed of travel to London. One of the most crucial benefits will be more space for commuter traffic and freight on regional, low speed railways. Large gaps in commuter timetables need to be cleared in order to have enough space to run high speed trains through. With population increasing and concerns about emissions we cannot afford to keep pushing more commuters onto already busy roads. We need more commuter services and that can only be achieved by moving high speed railway to its own dedicated network. This had to be built. Perhaps not immediately, but the longer it is left the more difficult and expensive it will get. We cannot avoid building infrastructure for ever, or offloading the problem for future generations. In 20 years people will forget about the damage/ compulsory purchase when we have a world class high speed rail network and more reliable and common commuter services. The UK is a country of 75million people, it is a world financial and business centre, how can we support these jobs and continue to enjoy the benefits our economy provides us if we can't build basic infrastructure.

    Marcus TrevorMarcus Trevor7 dagar sedan
  • The only thing that Hs2 will do is make the drug and crime issues between London and Birmingham rise relatively. The other thing the gov want to achieve probably is spreading the housing issue for councils to Birmingham, with hs2 you can justify moving more families out of the capital. Will the government invest in Birmingham? (Gentrification grand scheme is on by Boris & the cons)

    NeoZangetsNeoZangets8 dagar sedan
  • Kid at 9,45 couldn't of said it any better

    Matthew MillerMatthew Miller8 dagar sedan
  • UK people need to start arming themselves with what ever they have and start taking out these pigs.

    mafiahalo93mafiahalo938 dagar sedan
  • MSM doesn't talk about any of this...

    Jacob ConcannonJacob Concannon8 dagar sedan
  • You're all wasting your time. The land of this country belongs to the big corporations now. The'll be nothing green left soon. Just concrete an steel.

    Aiden TerrellAiden Terrell9 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of Ali G and da tree people init ✌️

    martinwarner13martinwarner139 dagar sedan
  • Its sad someone made a pay for play move

    joe mcginnjoe mcginn10 dagar sedan
  • Maybe if they started using kalashnikovs these environmentalist would actually get something done. You've got to be willing to die and kill for what you believe in. I keep hearing "oh I did my part, we didn't win but at least we can pat ourselves on the back."

    Zirian TahirliZirian Tahirli10 dagar sedan
  • I love the Brits. Their "heated" conversations are conducted with decorum and I find it strangley pleasurable to listen to their perfect English. We could learn a thing or two from them, well I guess it'd be more accurate to say, we can learn another thing or two from them.

    Patrick J MimsPatrick J Mims10 dagar sedan
  • ill come down there friends. I'm a big boy to get around to

    English KeptEnglish Kept11 dagar sedan
  • Anyone see that movie about the tree huggers getting snatched up by a cannibal tribe in the Amazon? That movie gets gnarly intense quick lol

    Dan HoutzDan Houtz11 dagar sedan
  • Basically the conversation our collective subconscious is having is like: -We're fucking up the world in order to go from this place to that place in just 38 minutes! -Well, couldn't you just do it in 45 minutes and let your children have a world to live on? -Treehugger! Retrograde! Terrorist! -Whaa?

    Arsperficit 37Arsperficit 3713 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Vice, more of the same please. RE-subscribed.

    xirsamohtxxirsamohtx13 dagar sedan
  • I'm hitting this hard because I enjoy our ancient woodlands the history people have farm houses close by there's some ancient woodland with caverns in and it's a nice place you can still enter but the caverns are dangerous now like small crawl holes. But the woodland is a great place we need to save what we do have. But these guys thank you but they did everything by the book found bats rare bats and believe me u buy a house with any bat nesting your stuck with them but they find rare wild bats and still this woodland is knocked down if things Pompous pricks air gonna play fair then there gonna need be changing to how they think of a peaceful protest because there was nothing peaceful from the police and bailiff side these are the man who work for there kids to leave money but take the wonders of living in doing so

    ExploringWithCannabisExploringWithCannabis13 dagar sedan
  • This pisses me off the government just buying land the rail road happened in America and still in Britain wish I new this sooner

    ExploringWithCannabisExploringWithCannabis13 dagar sedan
  • Amazing how the save the planet politician goes away when they can fill their pockets full and call it infrastructure

    PoacherPoacher14 dagar sedan
  • Send in Eric Cartman to get rid of your dirty hippie problem

    PaulPaul14 dagar sedan
  • L

    Cole SaundersonCole Saunderson14 dagar sedan
  • This was hilarious to watch, thanks Vice

    Hadram ColtzauHadram Coltzau14 dagar sedan
    • Respectfully🖕

      xirsamohtxxirsamohtx13 dagar sedan
  • A genuine bunch of hero's. We must protect our planet from ourselves and they are doing just that

    Nye DavisNye Davis15 dagar sedan
  • So either the train goes through there or these idiots put up their disgusting hobo camps up and pollute the woods with all the trash they're bringing in. Really you're trading one demon for another

    Anthony GreenAnthony Green16 dagar sedan
  • It infuriates me how disrespectful politicians and industrialists--as well as people in general--are about the ecologies of their nations. I am specifically confrontational with right-wing-leaning folks and self-proclaimed "nationalists" that support the industrialization and deforestation/ecocide of the biggest symbol of pride a nation can have: the national ecology. Of course, this doesn't come as a surprise, the capitalist global elite would put their sacred profits before anything else; they must be crushed out of existence without mercy.

    Epic GamerEpic Gamer16 dagar sedan
  • hs2 is going to make the train 20 minutes faster. The whole reason it's continuing is to benefit Tory party donors and to save face. The ruling elite of the UK are pure scum.

    T JohnsonT Johnson16 dagar sedan
    • 20 minutes? It would nearly half the time (1hr 7min down from 2hr 7min) from Manchester to London and that is not even the largest benefit. It will be that commuter trains on regional low speed rail can run FAR more frequently and reliably because high speed train have their own dedicated network.

      Marcus TrevorMarcus Trevor7 dagar sedan
  • Its not the Polices fault. I'm sure non of the joined to pull people out of trees.

    Three ThirtyThree Thirty16 dagar sedan
  • identify the people who do invest in these projects and destroy their homes or lives! ✌

    B.L.S.B.L.S.16 dagar sedan
  • I recognise much of the UN climate agendas have sinisiter reasons behind them and will end in the taking of our freedom and eventually our lives because the most powerful people that back such things are Eugenisists. But this I agree with, it is our responsibility as stewards of the this planet to ensure these ancient forests are not cut down.

    Henry VincentHenry Vincent16 dagar sedan
  • Same in Bulgaria. Mafia here is cutting down Rhodopi Mountains so the Greek-US gas can go through....!

    AlexanderAlexander17 dagar sedan
  • As usual, the Gov is the donkey of the rich people.

    Razmi IhsanRazmi Ihsan17 dagar sedan
  • Why don’t they plant trees? Seems like a perfect place, all that bare ground and all.. Never quite understood why there hasn’t been a massive investment in reforesting the UK, and most of Europe for that matter

    CallSpreadZeroCallSpreadZero17 dagar sedan
  • The police will blindly abuse, assault and attack you without a second thought. They don't care about what's right or just. Just like the Nazi's they are just following orders. Everyone needs to identify every single officer for later accountability and recourse. When it's all said and done and the country has fallen apart they will then be held to answer for their crimes. Criminals in uniform.

    Andy SAndy S17 dagar sedan
  • Build a hyperloop which allows people to not only enjoy the forest, but preserve your history. Waste 2 million pounds on practicality

    神奈川よしろう神奈川よしろう17 dagar sedan
  • Just lay some mines and let m come in.

    Sebastiaan van HeckSebastiaan van Heck17 dagar sedan
  • All these tree huggers, the lot of them, can't find anything better to do than protest about wooded areas that have zero impact on their insignificant lives. These Uk woodlands cleared for the new railway are hardly large nor significant, compared to areas such as the rainforests which are under deforestation elsewhere in the world. If it means so much to these people, go protest about that instead. Or better yet, get a job and do something better with your lives. Idiots! Smh...

    M CM C17 dagar sedan
    • Also, the irony of them not wanting the company to have any enviromental impact on the woodland, yet they encourage supporter and protesters to "camp out" in protest. Sure thing, no enviromental impact at all. Eegits.

      M CM C17 dagar sedan
  • i mean at the end of the day, if the property was sold by the government, without the land owners permission, its still hs2 property, and i mean they are still tress passing,

    Aod_Thescrub2Aod_Thescrub217 dagar sedan
  • Well we could put the animals in Whipsnade zoo not far away and there's loads of space there

    wojter204wojter20418 dagar sedan
  • Beastmaster 64 is that you here to save trees

    daily life of a weebdaily life of a weeb18 dagar sedan
  • Man protests are ineffective

    thepudding kingthepudding king18 dagar sedan
  • We need more houses for all the FKN PEOPLE in the UK we need infrastructure so peasants can toil the land and make the fat cats fatter. This place is well over crowded so all of the destruction on these beautiful forests is inevitable. I’m actually against it, I hate mass over population I hate chopping trees down I hate leaving animals homeless I hate humans mostly we are a disaster to this planet.

    DickieDickie18 dagar sedan
  • why isnt a single person under 80 acting on this?

    CopeeCopee18 dagar sedan
  • first 2 minutes and its already inaccurate 😂

    mr lewizzmr lewizz18 dagar sedan
  • As a logger i find this funny, because these people life in timber houses and write on paper en probably sit on a wood chair

    Loggers LifeLoggers Life18 dagar sedan
  • As a logger i find this funny, because these people life in timber houses and write on paper en probably sit on a wood chair

    Loggers LifeLoggers Life18 dagar sedan
  • Get some of the older shutdown railway routes going instead save the Woodlands, restores some railway heritage sites like bridges, stations etc and create great transport routes.

    John McloughlinJohn Mcloughlin18 dagar sedan
    • Hundreds of miles of the old routes are now ecologically valuable and sensitive areas, more so than the areas HS2 is going through. Others are significantly built on. Others have been repurposed for other public transit. Not to mention the old routes can't do what HS2 is designed to do and would actually make the problem of congestion on the main lines worse. Some sections of old lines *might* be useful though such as the section of the GCML being repurposed for *checks notes* oh, HS2.

      David AnniwellDavid Anniwell16 dagar sedan
  • So this scum bag goverment is just because homeless are living there 😡😡😡😡 knocking down our Trees and nature .this is sick man

    A WhiteA White18 dagar sedan
  • I would be there with a gas gun protecting myself and the land

    A WhiteA White18 dagar sedan
  • Same as Burnham beeches has need destroyed it's a protected heathland and Boris has destroyed it

    A WhiteA White18 dagar sedan
  • Protect the land

    A WhiteA White18 dagar sedan
  • ive been to birmingham once.... i wish i hadnt.. why does anyone want to get from london to birmingham in 38mins? drug dealers?

    Crypto Coin GamerCrypto Coin Gamer18 dagar sedan
  • does any1 know what song she is singing at 11:15?! i rly wanna hear it

    IAMDOOMIAMDOOM18 dagar sedan
  • This is just NIMBYs tho how are you supposed to build or do anything without pissing some people off it's impossible.

    Murray CooperMurray Cooper18 dagar sedan
  • It saddens me that woodland is being destroyed at a alarming rate but I find it funny most of this people have never been to this place before let alone heard of it prior to this event

    LukeLuke18 dagar sedan
  • There are more trees in the northern hemisphere today than there were 100 years ago but no-one knows that

    Murray CooperMurray Cooper18 dagar sedan
  • Full steam ahead .. choo choo

    vicram singhvicram singh18 dagar sedan
  • Take a shower

    vicram singhvicram singh18 dagar sedan
  • How expensive will tickets be? How many people are we talking about who will take that new line rather than drive? Are there other alternatives that could reduce an equal amount of emissions without these environmental costs? Many big projects like this involve teams of people who put out studies touting all the massive benefits and minimizing any downsides. Teams of legal experts are hired to ensure regulations, environmental policy, etc., are followed to the bare minimum in an effort to save money and maximize profit. Cost over runs, sometimes massive overruns, are the norm. Of course, New infrastructure is badly needed -- and rail is absolutely essential to achieving a carbon free future. But that doesn't mean all rail projects are inherently good -- or perhaps a project that is "good" (lots of benefits and a fair amount of downsides) could be substantially better if people take action and exert pressure on policy makers to reduce downsides and boost upsides. Sometimes a small group of people taking an extreme position/action can exert just enough pressure to bring about a moderate change. That's the part of the beauty of a free society. A small number of people engaging in some civil, non-violent disobedience can sometimes bring a little change to systems controlled by extremely powerful interests. These protesters will never cancel this rail line. However, they could potentially force the planners to conclude it's worth it for publicity reasons to add additional environmental safeguards. Such protest actions also create an incentive in the marketplace for competitors to be more environmentally responsible. Either way, the rail line is getting built. The actions of these protesters have almost no net downside to society, and carry a significant positive insofar as they put more scrutiny and more eyeballs on these massively expensive and *potentially* environmentally hazardous project.

    Walter HarwoodWalter Harwood18 dagar sedan
  • I get why people are mad at this rate will have no countryside / Forests left.

    silverwolf66256silverwolf6625619 dagar sedan
  • I agree

    TheCrazyNoob 101TheCrazyNoob 10119 dagar sedan
  • From personal experience most of the protestors are at least 2, old, middle class, vegan, or mentally ill and hooked on drugs like my ex. Take your pick.

    Joel ConroyJoel Conroy19 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad they managed to preserve it, I'm in Scotland and 90% of the ancient woodland is gone, which is a shame, it's getting better with reforestation but still much of the landcape is barron, or is spoiled by yet another housing estate, having said that my work has planted just about 500k trees in former caledonian woodland and still adding to it, it's better than nothing.

    79RockShox79RockShox19 dagar sedan
  • Plant IED's

    Zac SmithZac Smith19 dagar sedan
  • non-violence does not work, prove me I'm wrong

    psgbibi27psgbibi2719 dagar sedan
  • lmfaooooo english fighting are so nice to each other 6:00 does violence exist in this country?

    psgbibi27psgbibi2719 dagar sedan
  • What a waste of money, who is this new line going to benefit? A £100 BILLION POUNDS! Think of the hospitals that should be built with that money! What difference will it make to the average Joe Public to travel upto Birmingham in 38 minutes, and who indeed wants to go to Birmingham?

    David BurgessDavid Burgess19 dagar sedan
  • What a waste of money, who is this new line going to benefit? A £100 BILLION POUNDS! Think of the hospitals that should be built with that money! What difference will it make to the average Joe Public to travel upto Birmingham in 38 minutes, and who indeed wants to go to Birmingham?

    David BurgessDavid Burgess19 dagar sedan
  • Hippies are so annoying and gay

    Kyle JacksonKyle Jackson19 dagar sedan
  • when you have no arms to fight back with, the fight is already lost.

    Jordan FloresJordan Flores19 dagar sedan
  • Hs2 is one of the shittest ideas that has ever been devised

    Centurion DubsCenturion Dubs19 dagar sedan
  • Most of your recent work is unwatchable but this is a fine documentary so I shall sub. Please keep up the good work.

    james 112james 11219 dagar sedan
  • LOL it's so ironic seeing VICE news acting like the hipster media that gives any shit's about all this deforestation when your the same type of Big corporations fueling this crap.

    Dios MiosDios Mios20 dagar sedan
  • How can you call this a battle? buying a chip while drunk in Ulster is more of a battle than this

    le dingdongle dingdong20 dagar sedan
  • get the hippies out of the woods...

    One NameOne Name20 dagar sedan
  • The police does a great job!!

    One NameOne Name20 dagar sedan
  • You are so concerned about trees, environment, but no concerns about your own soul

    One NameOne Name20 dagar sedan
  • Boris is a thug, monster and a liar that only looks ater his and his friends interests no matter what.

    Fernando FerrazFernando Ferraz20 dagar sedan
  • That HS2 statement is just BULL.

    cobraycobray20 dagar sedan
  • I doubt the government regime forces would be as bold if population was armed.

    Autistic FieldmarshallAutistic Fieldmarshall20 dagar sedan
  • Try and remain unbiased for at least 10 seconds vice.

    SCTSCT20 dagar sedan
  • Such a shame the U.K. invented the train and still doesn’t have its own independent High Speed rail line

    Horatio HuskissonHoratio Huskisson20 dagar sedan
  • if that is called "woods" in the UK i feel sorry for you. Where ever you look in Sweden there is never ending forrests. I think around 75/80% of our entire country is forrest, and Sweden is one of the biggest countries in Europe.

    Mr. HemligMr. Hemlig20 dagar sedan
  • Everyone saying that the police are in the wrong. Please just stop. They are doing there job. If your upset about it, just grow up, this is life for you.

    Venermous YouTuberVenermous YouTuber20 dagar sedan
  • Trees and forests are the best "air vacuum cleaners" for co2, and we talk about climate change and how important it is to change it. Then we cut trees down all over the world...Human stupidity.... "electric cars" will save us, BS!

    Supersupra87Supersupra8720 dagar sedan
  • Last summer my condo board allowed a contractor to paint the building. Problem is that he didn't want to use a ladder so used a hi-reach machine. The thing is that the guy cut all four cedar trees, they're about 50 years old... He took the stem closest to the building and cut them all at a four foot height. So now each cedar has a 6-8 inch stem (vertical branch) just cut and the other branches continue up ..and he got the machine in, did the painting and left. It means nothing to him but now our trees are damaged forever. They will never grow back and the condo board and contractor don't care a whit since they don't live here. Smdh :(

    alrighty rualrighty ru20 dagar sedan
  • Remember people, if you put sugar in wet cement it definitely won't stop it from setting ;)

    Triple MTriple M20 dagar sedan
  • 38 minutes to London from Birmingham? Sounds good You can just replant the trees or create new forest lol It’s not an oil pipeline lol

    John Smith9867John Smith986720 dagar sedan
  • Here's some nuance, the woodland in the UK has been increasing over the last 70 years. At the end of WW2 woodland cover was at 5%. Today it is at about 13%. The first record of woodland was in 1086 at 15%. Today we have the same amount of woodland that they had 700 years ago. Source:

    Timothy HilditchTimothy Hilditch20 dagar sedan
  • Never seen the point in HS2 when there are thousands of miles of railway that desperately needs upgrading.

    DomFishingUKDomFishingUK20 dagar sedan
    • Its always easier to establish a new System than upgrading an old one.

      Laurenz EhlersLaurenz Ehlers15 dagar sedan
    • In Canada a dirty little secret was the more than 18 months that Churchill Manitoba didn't have a road in, only unusable damaged rail tracks. The community depended on boats to bring essentials since the rail company didn't care one bit .... 18 months!

      alrighty rualrighty ru20 dagar sedan
  • that's what british government greed around the world does

    peter kahuiipeter kahuii20 dagar sedan
  • Billions of pounds wasted and land forcibly destroyed for one of Boris's vanity projects. People complain about it but the same people keep voting him in! Play stupid games win stupid prizes...

    Thomas RockThomas Rock20 dagar sedan