Fairing the Hull / next steps (Wooden Boat Rebuild / EP95)

Rebuilding a historic sailing yacht - Fairing the Hull (EP95)
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In this episode we take on the glamorous and exciting job of fairing the hull! We start with power-planes and then use a variety of grinders and sanders for our initial fairing, taking off the worst of the high spots and shaping the outside of the boat into a smooth curve. Fairing can be a surprisingly complex and difficult job, but is essential for the next steps of the project, which we discuss - caulking, sealing, painting, and so on..
Meanwhile, Rowan makes a ridiculous quantity of bungs and David works inside the boat, taking off the sharp frame corners with a spokeshave.

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95. Fairing the Hull / Next steps (Wooden Boat Rebuild / EP95)

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  • cap a tone Pete. When I think of the north west , It will from now on be Capt. Pete.

    bee bob fennolandbee bob fennoland2 dagar sedan
  • Too many animal and a little too much talking.

    Paul WestPaul West10 dagar sedan
  • Looking good!!

    James McGeeJames McGee11 dagar sedan
  • Rewatching all of the episodes from the beginning and came across episode 24. This is when Leo decided to re-loft Talley Ho. You made the right choice. How sweet it is.

    Christian McConeChristian McCone13 dagar sedan
  • Boot Question : does anyone know for sure which boots Pete has?

    SalmonandfriendsSalmonandfriends16 dagar sedan
  • I can feel the softness of the wood by viewing the video. Maximum respect to Leo and Pete.

    Ulrich HoworkaUlrich Howorka17 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Самоучка ДмитрийСамоучка Дмитрий17 dagar sedan
  • I bet that guy likes his bung bung'd

    Charles SearaCharles Seara19 dagar sedan
  • Mike Patey would be proud off these "sanding"

    ShreyamShreyam19 dagar sedan
  • i only came here for buns (saw it in preview)

    ShreyamShreyam19 dagar sedan
  • It just dawn to me ....What's the keel made of ? How heavy is it the ballast? Know no much about boats..Is it led ?

    Henry CartierHenry Cartier20 dagar sedan
  • Man it's truely something to behold now the faring is coming together .

    Michael BrindMichael Brind20 dagar sedan

    Crosstech HeavyCrosstech Heavy21 dag sedan
  • She's Looking Gooooood ! Pete cracks me up..Cool Guy,,lol

    Harold ConoverHarold Conover22 dagar sedan
  • Truly a magnificent display of craftsmanship

    ferra testarossaferra testarossa22 dagar sedan
  • i love the parrot

    ferra testarossaferra testarossa22 dagar sedan
  • Very nice smooth surface, ready for fiberglass :-)

    Robert ValekRobert Valek23 dagar sedan
  • Nice bungs, Rowan!

    Beth MorrowBeth Morrow23 dagar sedan
  • The hull is looking great guys!

    Scott LoefflerScott Loeffler24 dagar sedan
  • Excellent!!! 👍👍👍

    Making a Narrowboat with Nanny and GrandadMaking a Narrowboat with Nanny and Grandad25 dagar sedan
  • This boat is built like a tank. I am am sure it will last for 100 years.

    Dr.R.SoleDr.R.Sole25 dagar sedan
  • Shroedingers Cat was imagined while fairing a new hull..

    Theophilus JedediahTheophilus Jedediah25 dagar sedan
  • Great joke about Makita. Leo a couple years ago when you started I got ahold of there marketing guys at Makita a nd told them of you and the opportunity they had in getting the tools you needed. I guess they did not realize how much benefit in sponsoring you would be. I have a small home workshop and now I would not buy there tools with the lack of support to your project. Your restoration of Tally Ho is amazing. You have shined a light on what is possible if you believe deep enough in your goals. I will be there watching when you launch Tally Ho. You've inspired me and millions of others to go for it, dream big and muscle through the hurdles that face great accomplishment s. Three Cheers To You and you and your crew.

    David MossDavid Moss25 dagar sedan
  • I wonder if you will select the original paint scheme or will you intend on making her stand out from the crowd in any port? ( I wasn't thinking neon pink with exotic hot rod flames, but a cool line down the side to set it apart ) ''Look! There goes the Tally Ho!''

    BRIAN WillertonBRIAN Willerton26 dagar sedan
  • I think you two jokers should switch sides periodically to garner better perspectives on the fairing jobs

    BRIAN WillertonBRIAN Willerton26 dagar sedan
  • It will all be worth it when you do a little bung and corking. The question is which bung will be your first? And will it be the one you remember?

    Tom HmanTom Hman26 dagar sedan
  • The tally wacker is a good name for this boat.

    Tom HmanTom Hman26 dagar sedan
  • Corking your bung, I think I will pass on that episode.

    Tom HmanTom Hman26 dagar sedan
  • Craftsmanship is next to none superb, but for a renovation it does remind me of triggers broom !

    jack masonjack mason26 dagar sedan
  • 👍🍻

    KatmanduKatmandu26 dagar sedan
  • You would not have to worry about all the planing or sanding, if you put one or two layers of fiberglass. Also you get a very SLICK finish. That would make it skim through the water your rear end on a down hill of ice!

    Steven RobertsonSteven Robertson26 dagar sedan
  • What a beautiful skill

    Pople BackyardFarmPople BackyardFarm26 dagar sedan
  • When is he gonna move it?

    Fred GarvinFred Garvin27 dagar sedan
    • When he is ready!!!

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes18 dagar sedan
  • State facendo un ottimo lavoro!

    AmerigoAmerigo27 dagar sedan
  • you mention that fairing the hull doesnt' have to be perfect, and it reminds me of a phrase I have been beating into my head for several weeks. "Perfect is the enemy of a job well done". This isn't to say that you shouldn't strive for perfection, but if you spend all your time shooting for perfect, to the point that you never finish the job, then what's the point of doing the job? Good work!

    ericjon262ericjon26227 dagar sedan
  • "fairing isn't much to look at" Damn man, maybe I have better eyes than your typical viewer, but it looks so much better faired. I can see the difference, and it's quite impressive!

    ericjon262ericjon26227 dagar sedan
  • LOL, great crew!

    Stephen DeMockoStephen DeMocko27 dagar sedan
  • Great video quality. You & Kyle Royer are the best for quality on SEslow. Very nice.

    Stoic SpawnStoic Spawn28 dagar sedan
    • I also really like how you added the power tool/saw noises into the music.

      Stoic SpawnStoic Spawn28 dagar sedan
  • How would they have done this 111 years ago?

    Andrew WilksAndrew Wilks28 dagar sedan
  • It sounds dumb because I know there are literally schools for boat builders, but everytime Leo uploads I think "woah, there's so much more to building a boat than one would think, sh*t is complicated as hell" Keep up the good work boys, she's looking beautiful

    Master ProcrastinatorMaster Procrastinator28 dagar sedan
  • At 5 mins the sequence of the wood cutting is so satisfying. I just love watching the work unfold. Thanks for a beautiful journey guys!

    Bahari FilmBahari Film28 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be nicer to see Pancho free and fly wherever he wants? He was born to be free.

    Andrew SeamanAndrew Seaman28 dagar sedan
  • This was better than a good movie. Finally catched up with all episodes. I have to say Leo that you are an awesome guy. You might not realize but you are pure inspiration for many. Love the project, and your work editing the videos. Your videos got better and better, really impressive. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next episode! Also congratulation to the team. Awesome work!

    lnemollnemol29 dagar sedan
  • Can parrots drink tea and eat scons or biscuits without getting sick.

    kettlebells 123456kettlebells 12345629 dagar sedan
  • I am rapt at the boat building skills and the fairing you are doing . I have watch since the defining when she was a very sorry sight. I know she is one hundred and then years old. What are her length and girth. An amazing taste up to now. You and your team have my admiration

    Gavin GrieveGavin Grieve29 dagar sedan
  • Wonderful project Leo. I started watching almost a year ago, binge-watched the first 70 or so, and now await each episode. I have a suggestion for a side topic some episode soon: boatbuilding/construction terminology. Garboard, strake, hanging knee, deck beam, standard beam, etc. - my mind spins after a while. I know you define them here and there as you go, but a holistic dedicated side-topic would be very welcome. Maybe with some of those brilliant diagrams you're good at for illustration (EP 87 was brilliant - probably a lot of work for you, but very well done, and very clear). Just a thought. Carry on, it's inspiring and fun to watch.

    Jaymie GadalJaymie Gadal29 dagar sedan
  • BUNGO !

    peter yeungpeter yeung29 dagar sedan
  • PETER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oleg VoronkoffOleg VoronkoffMånad sedan
  • All that patient gentle stroking and long gazing closely makes one realise why boats have feminine pronouns! ;-D

    Bruce LakerBruce LakerMånad sedan
    • Takes. a lot of devotion and repeat fine adjustment to get them just how you like them! ;-p

      Bruce LakerBruce LakerMånad sedan
  • I can't believe she's come this far!! Excellent job everyone...

    OldSkool 55F100OldSkool 55F100Månad sedan
  • Leo, I don't know whether they'd "take it" or not, but get a few comfy lawn chairs, an ice chest and at least some snacks and soft drinks and invite the contentious neighbors over daily to just watch you all work up close on this remarkable and amazing project. Perhaps they will better appreciate just what is being created by a wonderful team of very hard working young citizens of the world!!! INCLUSION?!?!?

    Byron StuartByron StuartMånad sedan
  • I own a Morgan 383 that had a fair amount of damage above the water. I used an air power board sander to take out the highs and could find the lows with paint to fill in. The board I used was borrowed but 24” long . Seems easier for the finish. Glad to see craftsmanship back with pride.

    ME MEME MEMånad sedan
  • I know others have noticed but I'll mention again the really high quality camerawork and editing that has developed over the episodes. The current fairing episode is an example of how good the vision has become. Congratulations and thank you to whomever is responsible.

    Tim SimpsonTim SimpsonMånad sedan
  • The "whisky plank" gave me the idea of comparing the fairing of the hull with whisky tasting. This wonderful smell of ground wood will certainly be different at spots where another type of timber has been used. I wouldn't mind to get somehow 'smell-drunk' this way.

    Christian KoellnerChristian KoellnerMånad sedan
  • I’m sure this gets to the point where only the shipwrights doing the work can see the defects.

    Mike KentMike KentMånad sedan
  • by gum, she's a corkah! yes, when i saw the power planes and orbitals in play i cringed thinking they're gonna spend more time fixing problems than actually fairing. at the end i was relieved to hear that the final work will be completed with long boards and muscle power. well done, lads.

    jgeurjgeurMånad sedan
  • Incredible, most easily frustrated, satisfying job to do, self discipline and skill easy getting lost in it.

    Jeff MooreJeff MooreMånad sedan
  • I have a neighbor who calls the gestapo [code enforcment] on me for my workers blocking the sidewalk while unloading a trailer but never longer than 5 minutes and when I parked on my front yard to get it off the street for snow removal, got a ticket for that one. I now park 1/2 of my car in front of his house and as its legal he can't do anything. he called the police and all I could see was the cop shrugging his shoulders. Don't tell him but cop said he knew what was going on, laughed and drove off. Love the bird and superb job on the boat.

    Adrienne WhiteheadAdrienne WhiteheadMånad sedan
  • You can really see the progress being made if you watch closely, and take the time to scan the video back and forth...the individual planks start to blend together and form a smooth, evenly contoured hull shape. Gorgeous to watch. Thanks Leo, and Pete, and crew...

    Ben TruebloodBen TruebloodMånad sedan
  • Thought I’d share a comment I wrote to Steve about Arabella 😆 Steve has to watch Tally Ho so he can learn how to build a boat. Sucks for Steve because critical areas of work he did by jumping ahead will have to be redone or risk the boat sinking. Steve learned to stay behind and follow the work Leo has done but it’s to late in my opinion. You can’t build a house of cards with a unstable foundation and expect it to stay up. Steve can I send you Ten pounds of well blended liquid Dog crap for you to open on camera I’ll add two bottles of liquid ass to the mix that should give it that extra something, you can put it on before or after showers, will go grate with your morning toast or a chip dip, add a little baking soda when you brush once a week and it will leave your teeth sparkling white.

    Dan SRT-10Dan SRT-10Månad sedan
  • Always Amazed each time I watch these videos. I wonder if the old timers back in the 16th and 17th and 18th Century smoothed and fared their ships and if so how did they do it and what method did they use. No orbital sanders back then. May that was why there was so many crazy sailors back in the old days.

    GaryGaryMånad sedan
  • Will you make videos on you crossing the atlantic after you are done with the boat?

    FuckOffAlreadyFuckOffAlreadyMånad sedan
  • No diaper around the face while sanding. That’s a good idea

    AweSomo84AweSomo84Månad sedan
  • Scream those planes 😂

    Westley ShirlawWestley ShirlawMånad sedan
  • awsome job guys !!!!! its beautiful !!!!

    rock rollerrock rollerMånad sedan
  • I like to watch the making of a boat, But its TOO much talking.

  • This project is one of the truly wonderful examples of the human spirit in this mad mad world we are living in just now . God bless you all.

    jonathan oconnelljonathan oconnellMånad sedan
  • Should have got the parrot to take off the arrises inside the hull as he seems to spend most of his time doing that anyway.

    Chris WillsChris WillsMånad sedan
  • Can someone explain the "take me out to the ball game" background music?

    Let's see how it goesLet's see how it goesMånad sedan
    • Leo's nod to the start of the Major League Baseball season on April 1st.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert26 dagar sedan
  • Even on a 5.2 inch cell phone screen, I can see the differences in the smoothness of the hull before and after the initial fairing. TallyHo is looking grand indeed. Nice work guys. I can hardly wait to see how much attention is paid to the grain direction of the bungs by all who do the bunging, and to watch the cotton corking done by our two shipwrights. Then on to any fairing compound, primer, and long bording, which ever order you guys decide to do those stages in. I am wondering as well if you will go with brush, roller, or spray for the oils/varnish, or soup mix on the inside of the hull. Oh, the next few videos will be so exciting to watch (not that previous ones werent, mind you). Edit: BTW; Pancho is getting so good at ladders and stairs. I'll certainly miss her when the project moves on to it's next location.

    Thomas RussellThomas RussellMånad sedan
  • ballast keel spars coachwork cabinetry

    cutlash09cutlash09Månad sedan
    • @Tony Grimes - I get pretty boggled by the # of balls Leo has to juggle ! Add in keeping the shop running w/ tools, materials, pizza & beer; the constant time-sink of video production; & preparing for the move. Putting some time into actual work on the boat is prolly a relaxing respite for him.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert16 dagar sedan
    • @Frederick Stibbert Good reply!

      Tony GrimesTony Grimes18 dagar sedan
    • motors tanks systems sails fittings

      Frederick StibbertFrederick Stibbert26 dagar sedan
  • Bit late to the party but there is Makita White so nothing stops you to paint it Makita White and name it Makita. (they have pink too, now there is an idea ;-)

    Johan MeijlaersJohan MeijlaersMånad sedan
  • Great

    DeeMac PunchDeeMac PunchMånad sedan
  • This may be ahead of your plans, but will you copper the hull and use zinc anodes, or just use anti-fouling paint? Also, what electronics will you use for communications? I suggest getting you Amareur Radio license because there are thousands of Hams that monitor the International emergency frequency 14.312 MHz so that you are never alone. I am one of those Hams that monitors the frequency mentioned above and would love to talk with you. Best of Luck! 73's de W4FJF.

    longshorts3longshorts3Månad sedan
  • my word those planks are looking fine. shame you can vanish them but paint is the way to go.

    discombubulate 2discombubulate 2Månad sedan
  • A lot of people would pay good money to sail on this boat.. I know I would! If it ever comes here to Hawaii :)

    michaelwnimichaelwniMånad sedan
  • Leo what's your first place you sailing vlogging to? You and acorn to Arabella are getting close to finished

    Steve DyerSteve DyerMånad sedan
  • I would’ve thought that you would’ve build that tool to make the faring process a lot less guesswork. just got a think like MacGyver

    Jeffrey JohnsonJeffrey JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Leo playing "Take me out to the ball game", classic! Love your music choices.

    Uncle SpongeheadUncle SpongeheadMånad sedan
  • Super excellent project! Well done. I've learned much watching these videos.

    morris Laslomorris LasloMånad sedan
  • Hey Leo. I came across one of your videos while searching for something else and quickly became hooked. I've managed to binge watch all of your vids within the last several days and have only become more impressed with you (and of course Pete and the rest of your crew!) as each video has come to an end. Your humble, self deprecating attitude, your attention to detail and realistic expectations, as well as your affable manner, make you a rare gem. I've been a cabinet maker for 46 years, started when I was 14, and have a great appreciation for your use, and respect of tools. Your ingenuity at solving problems is phenomenal! It is your attitude that is attracting, quite literally, the world to you. I can't even begin to imagine the true impact you are having, and on how many lives you are actually having an effect on! I have suggested to my friends and family (and anyone else that will listen) to watch your videos to see a true "Renascence Man" in action. It gives me great hope to know that there are those that wish to keep these traditions alive. I, for one, am truly humbled by your efforts and contribution to the greater community of "Us".

    wadeswswadeswsMånad sedan
  • nice fairing Poncho.. and we here in the Portland area say, "uff daa" or ouch..

    Hunter2323Hunter2323Månad sedan
  • Cool.

    Steve SyncoxSteve SyncoxMånad sedan
  • Neigbor complained about the noise and dust... "ok we will move the boat just let us do this one thing" LET THE FAIRING BEGIN!

    Paul GrafPaul GrafMånad sedan
    • ...dont forget about the caulking...

      Sampson Boat CoSampson Boat CoMånad sedan
  • Your modern power tools are awesome and do a great job in the right hands. Learning about the original tools for boat/ship building has been one of my favorite aspects of this project. Thanks for taking us on this ride with you!

    TNridgesTNridgesMånad sedan
  • Arrrggg... She be a fine vessel matey.

    Jay SimsJay SimsMånad sedan
  • This is so much like reading a good book - you want to see how it all turns out, but you don't want to get to the end!!

    Jennifer CashJennifer CashMånad sedan
  • Love the footage parrot too. Insightful and practical. First time boat owner. 100yr old kauri mullety Moter sailer.

    Chubb TonihiChubb TonihiMånad sedan
  • The fairing sure changes the look.

    Quarlow 12Quarlow 12Månad sedan
  • *Seems such a shame to paint such beautiful woodworking. Can't you just use marine varnish, like they use on mahogany speedboats ?*

    EngEngMånad sedan
    • @Frederick Stibbert OK. Great Project.

      EngEngMånad sedan
    • Would be nearly impossible to maintain to any degree of decency, & the caulking seams would be v. visible, w/ non-uniform width.

      Frederick StibbertFrederick StibbertMånad sedan
  • 6:06 bingo Bango!

    Ilia PIlia PMånad sedan
  • What colour are you going to paint the boat? Would varnishing be an option? It would look amazing but a lot of upkeep.

    Kane BeechingKane BeechingMånad sedan
  • That looks pretty darn good boyz! Well Done Leo, Pete, and the rest of the team!

    David CDavid CMånad sedan
  • I look like Pancho climbing a ladder. Pancho actually looks better at climbing a ladder than me.

    Barry KarowBarry KarowMånad sedan
  • Have you thought of selling a small piece of scrap wood from the Tally Ho as a souvenir? I'd contribute $100 for something. Just a thought.

    Niles PrattleNiles PrattleMånad sedan
  • be glad you didn't have to go old school and do it with hand planes. And remember, perfect is the enemy of good enough

    larry after the roadlarry after the roadMånad sedan
  • You are gonna miss that bird.....

    Timothy RobinsonTimothy RobinsonMånad sedan
  • I've done some faring on a MUCH SMALLER scale (round bottom Poulsbo boat)...it SUCKED..but it looked Amazing when the paint was on. Oh Yeah... The parrot is KILLIN IT.

    Eric NayEric NayMånad sedan
  • Bungholio

    Daniel FearsDaniel FearsMånad sedan
  • Such a masterpiece, it’s art!

    C. Douglas LyonC. Douglas LyonMånad sedan