China’s Vanishing Muslims: Undercover In The Most Dystopian Place In The World

China’s Uighur minority live a dystopian nightmare of constant surveillance and brutal policing. At least one million of them are believed to be living in what the U.N. described as a “massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy,” while many Uighur children are taken to state-run orphanages where they're indoctrinated into Chinese customs.

The Uighurs' plight has largely been kept hidden from the world, thanks to China’s aggressive attempts to suppress the story at all costs.

VICE News’ Isobel Yeung posed as a tourist to gain unprecedented access to China’s western Xinjiang region, which has been nearly unreachable by journalists.

She and our crew experienced China’s Orwellian surveillance and harassment first-hand during their time in Xinjiang, and captured chilling hidden-camera footage of eight Uighur men detained by police in the middle of the night. We spoke with members of the Uighur community about their experience in these camps, and about China’s attempts to silence their history and lifestyle under the cover of darkness.

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  • VICE News’ Isobel Yeung posed as a tourist to gain unprecedented access to China’s western Xinjiang region, which has been nearly unreachable by journalists. Watch Next: Life Inside Assad's Syria -

    VICE NewsVICE NewsÅr sedan
    • @адидас жизнь 100% right

      Binu chackBinu chack16 dagar sedan

      Daniel RattfaceDaniel RattfaceMånad sedan
    • @Faruh Sabirov no he joined quit early so i dont think so

      EggsterEggsterMånad sedan
    • Vice constantly produces the most ridiculous journalism/investigations I know. But hey, it's all about appearing cool and at the top of modernity.

      MecanMecan2 månader sedan
    • 英国间谍女孩伪装成游客,希望能拍到种族灭绝的震惊场面,却让他们失望了!职业培训,政府让新疆人能够学会一种技能,摆脱贫困,为啥不可以呢?西方白人就想抹黑中国,阻挠中国发展,制造民族矛盾,如果你们白人真关心人权,给非洲人多点教育培训吧! British spy girls disguised as tourists, hoping to capture shocking scenes of genocide, but disappointed them! Vocational training, the government allows Xinjiang people to learn a skill to get rid of poverty, why not? Western white people want to discredit China, obstruct China's development, and create ethnic conflicts. If you white people really care about human rights, give Africans more education and training!

      大千世界大千世界2 månader sedan
  • We killed Muslim in Iraq, we killed Muslim in Syria but we really care about Muslim in China.

    Matteo RicciMatteo RicciTimme sedan
  • I miss how perfect the world was 20 years ago

    M GM GTimme sedan
  • I understand this video got debunked. There is nothing here except commentary by these two so called tourists, unless I am missing something. She mentioned her footage deleted by police on the street, but why was it included in this video. Lol.

    Eric ShumEric Shum2 timmar sedan
  • This is just anti Asian propaganda.

    Jason kangaroosterJason kangarooster5 timmar sedan
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  • its funny how socialism always results in genocide :) sorry karen, just facts

    NotpoopNotpoop10 timmar sedan
  • at least somewhere is standing upto these violent extremists.

    NotpoopNotpoop11 timmar sedan
  • Wheres the coverage of Palestines disappearing Muslims

    Ciaran HoganCiaran Hogan11 timmar sedan
  • I hate to be that guy on a serious vid like this, but what's up with the neighbours seen bottom left @ 18:00?

    InternetfilantropenInternetfilantropen13 timmar sedan
  • Donald Trump love Muslims?😤

    Iqbal AliIqbal Ali16 timmar sedan
  • Americans are doing more atrocious acts on muslims. Btw black lives matters!

    Iqbal AliIqbal Ali16 timmar sedan
  • Do you call 40 million pious muslims as disappearing?

    Iqbal AliIqbal Ali16 timmar sedan
  • Imagine if all of the American activists claiming they're oppressed over here went to China. They'd all disappear. The Chinese government wouldn't tolerate their mess for a second.

    EyeSMK1EyeSMK117 timmar sedan
    • @T One of two things would come from it. They'd learn the definition of oppression or they wouldn't talk about it anymore.

      EyeSMK1EyeSMK1Timme sedan
    • You say that like it’s a good thing

      TT2 timmar sedan
  • ISOBEL have more balls than i can dream of and this is some of the best journalism on the planet, good job guys, and thank you

    Mohamed BenelattarMohamed Benelattar18 timmar sedan
  • Seeing the nonsense of the Western media, I really feel disgusting. I really don’t want to say anything. I will tell you the fact that under the policy of genocide, the Uyghur population has grown much faster than the Han population, and Uyghur students enjoyed significantly better privileges than Han Chinese in many aspects such as college entrance examination, employment, and promotion.

    Chen QiChen Qi19 timmar sedan
  • What a nonsense video. Isobel Yeung should be ashamed of spreading so many lies.

    Piet DubPiet Dub19 timmar sedan
  • Lotta wumao in here

    陳龍陳龍19 timmar sedan
  • this has been happening worldwide for a long time... wtf did you think? who do you think owns you??? well, check your passp@rt... 2020 highlight of the intl gov and medical terrorism.. not over yet...

    Body Mind Soul POWERBody Mind Soul POWER20 timmar sedan
  • In your words, 911 was just poor Muslims coming against American violence

    Вэйцзе ЧжанВэйцзе Чжан20 timmar sedan
  • Meanwhile in Poland:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński22 timmar sedan
  • You know this is the time to annihilate all the religions far in world and live as humans. We don't need this shitty badging to identify ourselves whats the use of it when your god whom you worship isn't able to help you.

    tanvi ambekartanvi ambekar22 timmar sedan
  • May the LORD bless and protect all involved

    john Sherrilljohn SherrillDag sedan
  • Human rights should take action against fasist chinese govt

    Ruhulx vlogsRuhulx vlogsDag sedan
  • OMG please help the Muslim there…and also Muslim in iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan , Pakistan , iran…

    Jy ChewJy ChewDag sedan
  • This comment is for the algorithm. It's awful anyone has to live like this.

    Funcooker30Funcooker30Dag sedan
  • I gotta say though, China has got super effective policies for stopping Islamic extremist.😂😂😂 Plus this is a net positive for America. If China becomes the #1 infidel country targeted by foriegn terrorists, that'd be great for the US. Keep up the great work China👍

    Robert PrewittRobert PrewittDag sedan
  • it's Journalism......🔥👍🏻 Keep itup..... Vice...

    Sabith Bin IqbalSabith Bin IqbalDag sedan
  • You are brave. The world needs people likes you. Thank you .

    LuluLuluDag sedan
  • Who is here after she got Pulitzer Prize? Proud India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    Anant PatelAnant PatelDag sedan
  • Big paycheck coming

    A QA QDag sedan
  • Muslims in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Palestine are playing with guns. Thanks to the United States, the hypocritical democracy of European and American countries

    中华大玩家中华大玩家Dag sedan
  • this is the fault of Israel!

    Ahmed BahrmourAhmed BahrmourDag sedan
  • Why is she looking for trouble? She's literally following and antagonizing someone who works for the CCP which isn't smart. She could've been apprehended right then and there. What they're doing is great but I'm just advising, for your own safety, to be a little bit more careful. I'm surprised you didn't get arrested.

    Almond MilkAlmond MilkDag sedan
  • Here we go Vice with it's western propaganda and fake reporting again

    Amar gujjarAmar gujjarDag sedan
  • Any muslims here ? . Specially Indian mulims who eats in this country and praise pakistan and china . I am sorry to say but China is terrorism free only by doing this and rest all world should follow the same foot steps to make their country Islam free /terrorism frre

    KawaBangaKawaBangaDag sedan
  • to see lots of chinese people deny this problem exists or even support it on the down-low makes me honestly sick

    meeyowmeeyowDag sedan
  • She said “American” why tf his face light up like that😂😂😂

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  • This is what is coming for America! We been sold out by people like Biden for a pile of cash! But never doubt we want make it right when the times come! We will never live like this! Hooraa

    Tammy ForbesTammy ForbesDag sedan
  • any group that wants to use islam as political tool ...usually ends up falling on its own sword !!

    abdul aliabdul aliDag sedan
  • China has a good reason for it

    Aneesh A dAneesh A dDag sedan
  • China is amazing

    big joe bob mamabig joe bob mamaDag sedan
  • Seems like they’re trying to start a state like North Korea

    • Trying to? Who do you think the North Koreans got their ideas from?

      TTTimme sedan
  • Show this to Pakistan

    Anshul SinhaAnshul SinhaDag sedan
    • We don’t like radicals either. China is trying to re-educate them. We just killed them in Waziristan.

      Haroon KHaroon KDag sedan
  • Megha Rajagopalan, an Indian-origin journalist, along with two contributors has won the Pulitzer Prize for innovative investigative reports that exposed a vast infrastructure of prisons and mass internment camps secretly built by China for detaining hundreds of thousands of Muslims in its restive Xinjiang region.

    Sandeep JhinjerSandeep JhinjerDag sedan
    • is there is a video ??

      Amr EgyAmr EgyDag sedan

  • This is a good strategy that western countries may use to sanction and slow down China's development, and to create public opinion that is not conducive to China. There are so many human rights issues in other countries but no one pays attention. The sad thing is that China is still developing at a high speed, and improve its system step by step, those who oppose it are extremely angry, but there is nothing to do. I feel very pleased about this. Good job.

    stevenwinsirstevenwinsir2 dagar sedan
  • Chinese bots all over the comments lol.. crazy.

    KevinKevin2 dagar sedan
  • Very slanted reporting 🙄

    ben teoben teo2 dagar sedan
    • ?

      Wali AhmedWali AhmedDag sedan
  • Why do you want China to "defund the police?" They are fighting terrorism. You act like those security officers where stalking you. They where there for your safety and everyone else. Is this behavior only considered stalking if you identify as a female?

    Justin JordanJustin Jordan2 dagar sedan
    • @Wali Ahmed let me guess you think everywhere should be a Chaz autonomous zone? This is what law and order looks like. Before it was a bunch of radical Uighurs throwing molotov cocktails. Now look at it. Everything is peaceful, and unlike your country we give our minorities the power of an education. We encourage our children by letting them know that everyone is the same. Your country consists of a bunch of racists that teach radical race theory. Do you think white people are superior?

      Justin JordanJustin JordanDag sedan
    • @Wali Ahmed then you believe that China should defund the police to stabilize the area? Why are you against law, order, and unity? Do you hate your country? Are you not a patriot of your country?

      Justin JordanJustin JordanDag sedan
    • Are u serious? You think the officers they were there to protect them? My god i can't believe your arrogance watch the fucking video again with your ears open

      Wali AhmedWali AhmedDag sedan
  • Stay free taiwan

    Michael Brian DalloMichael Brian Dallo2 dagar sedan
  • Americans: We hate Muslims We hate Chinese But we really care about Chinese Muslims.

    RandomInterestingThingsRandomInterestingThings2 dagar sedan
    • both are wrong, simple

      lex rhymelex rhyme2 dagar sedan
  • Boycott Chinese products!

    Electric InkElectric Ink2 dagar sedan
  • another sad muslim story

    Fong PontoFong Ponto2 dagar sedan
  • they should do the same thing in the US and UK and Europe....

    SocratesSocrates2 dagar sedan
    • same with china, in other word, both are wrong

      lex rhymelex rhyme2 dagar sedan
  • Unbelievable! ALL comments from viewers only get Thumps Up. NO One single Thumps down!

    ecychan1ecychan12 dagar sedan
  • Once we and the uygurs ruled all Asia that people had to build so called great wall.Can you guess who were we? btw awesome journalism.

    Mus11Mus112 dagar sedan
  • May be "Ni hao" means something terrifying in chinese😂😂

    Dr SPSDr SPS2 dagar sedan
  • Vice seeing the demographic of europeans in europe going down: good Cice seeing the demographic of muslims in china go down: nooooo!!! This is a crime

    Zoe zebra XdZoe zebra Xd2 dagar sedan
  • Watch this! This man literally shows you step by step how genocide in Xinjiang is carried out:

    A TKYA TKY2 dagar sedan
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    El ZakiaEl Zakia2 dagar sedan
  • Reality might be even more worse. Thats china for u

    World is RottenWorld is Rotten2 dagar sedan
  • From Bangladesh what about Palestine , USA gives weapons to kills Muslims. UN, Amnesty, Human rights all are American agent.

    Ad Bin ToshiAd Bin Toshi2 dagar sedan
  • It is so ironic that a number of Muslims and countries are speaking out against oppression in some (mostly secular) Western countries like France and US, but when the same oppression is being done in their fellow Uighur Muslims in China, they kept themselves mum. (And, please don't show us the agressive propaganda from Chinese state-owned media outlets as sources.)

    DJ VLDJ VL2 dagar sedan
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    Cringe PoliceCringe Police3 dagar sedan
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  • That guy is not very good at staying low profile.

    Turtle The LoserTurtle The Loser3 dagar sedan
  • And u do look suspicious. That's Why u got questioned. Especially u keep walking around the school like a bad guy

    MUT ATMUT AT3 dagar sedan
    • Which school has wire fences and kids can't go home even if you want

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
  • I don't c the police "hard " at all. They r Uyghur, and they are protecting their own people. and this lady is so rule to disturbing the local people.

    MUT ATMUT AT3 dagar sedan
    • protecting for what and why? with heavy surveilance? when someone afraid to voice any of their concern and there is a state police who trying to silence any concern then there are something wrong, you should learn more kiddo

      lex rhymelex rhyme2 dagar sedan
  • This is disgusting, how are we allowing this to happen time and time again throughout history? I’m a Christian not Muslim but I don’t care what other people do or don’t believe in. These people are not animals, they are beautiful people with a rich heritage and a belief system that means a lot to them. I am so ashamed that these wonderful people are being persecuted, its absolutely evil.

    Emma LMEmma LM3 dagar sedan
    • They've started targeting churches too.

      Sonia KhatriSonia Khatri17 timmar sedan
    • Guess human beings living in peace is a dream😔

      LuluLuluDag sedan
  • Si tiene unos webotes, al hacer este reportaje

    Saulo PonceSaulo Ponce3 dagar sedan
  • Seeing places you've been to (before the crackdown) in these Xinjiang videos never fails to be a solid gut punch.

    Adam ThorntonAdam Thornton3 dagar sedan
  • Now I understand what Biden meant by Unity.

    WuzzupWhiteyWuzzupWhitey3 dagar sedan
  • VICE has some of the best documentaries, I really love the grade A journalism here. Keep doing great things VICE!

    Spacegeek1000Spacegeek10003 dagar sedan
  • Oh I thought there is a genocide going on but I guess that's fake news. Nonetheless, we should address the real issue here. Calling it a genocide only makes it easier for them to discredit the evidence and dismiss the problem.

    Xiao ZhangXiao Zhang3 dagar sedan
  • You guys are so brave, awesome doco!

    Hornet YTHornet YT3 dagar sedan
  • Biggest terrorist group in the world is CPC.

    South China Morning PostSouth China Morning Post3 dagar sedan
  • I feel very confident that little girl at the end is now in one of those camps because of this. Probably her family too.

    Samo ZealSamo Zeal3 dagar sedan
  • The way that Han farmer lady talked about Uighurs is how I've heard some white Americans talk about Hispanics or African Americans. It's sad that looking down on minority groups seems to be a universal part of humanity, though what China is doing here is an extreme example.

    Jim GrantJim Grant3 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic journalism, i too agree that the Uighur Muslims should live on, all women must be covered, alhamdulalilah!

    DungyDungy3 dagar sedan
  • racist af

    Muhammad SyafiqMuhammad Syafiq3 dagar sedan
  • I am very happy that chinese are doing this if u want east turkministan and radical islam than this will happen

    Thalapathy KaushalThalapathy Kaushal3 dagar sedan
    • No wonder India is the worst country to handle covid

      aa2 dagar sedan
    • Typical ihumane Indian, didn't expect more

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
    • you do realize Turkmenistan is majority Muslim right?

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
  • The ending freaks me out with kindergarten songs

    PenPen3 dagar sedan
  • I see this doco and i get really frustrated when socialist students talk about the good things about communism - this is the reality of a communist state

    PenPen3 dagar sedan
    • what do you think your state is??? just diff colors.. wake up

      Body Mind Soul POWERBody Mind Soul POWER20 timmar sedan
  • Damn, she is so brave. I have so much respect for her and other people doing similar things. Thank you. you are a true journalist.

    Daniel RobertsDaniel Roberts4 dagar sedan
  • Safe uygurs

    abdurahmon Usanovabdurahmon Usanov4 dagar sedan
  • In a world where people are a primary resource, we raise that up of a tree.

    Daniel GaleDaniel Gale4 dagar sedan

    Соɾу ℛ.Соɾу ℛ.4 dagar sedan
  • And people call the United States a police state.

    Your Toasters, hand 'em overYour Toasters, hand 'em over4 dagar sedan
    • United States isn't much better even though it's so much better than China

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
  • keep up the good work, making more western idiots

    Tim SanchezTim Sanchez4 dagar sedan
  • Once there are a very small number of people who had provoked racial conflicts, killed, wounded, and robbed the lives of ordinary people, affecting their daily lives. The police risked their lives to maintain daily orders, I think there is nothing wrong with them. Yes, the economy of some ethnic minority areas is indeed lagging behind the southeast, but many of the policies given to them are much better than those of other developed areas, especially the poverty alleviation policies in recent years, and their lives there have been greatly improved. After graduating from university, some of my classmates also went to work for poverty alleviation and worked for several years. Many of us travel and even live there, can feel the very different lives. Although the contradiction of racial discrimination once existed, I hope that people can also see the problem from a developmental perspective, What you see may not be the fact that you imagined. It takes more time to understand the real cause. At least, in the eyes of most people like us, if no polices maintain law and order, and our lives are completely insecure. Of course each thing has good and bad everywhere, we cannot use one summary for all.

    Haili LiHaili Li4 dagar sedan
  • Giving me some residential school vibes. This is so sad.

    mirrbotmirrbot4 dagar sedan
  • I think the whole world should follow china's example

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 dagar sedan
    • Shows your true colours

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
  • Funny is no Muslim wanna acknowledge this but the entire 2 billion Muslim population will cry for Palestinians that's the hypocrisy I don't like

    marshallmarthesmarshallmarthes4 dagar sedan
  • 2:30 thats how muslims should be treated worldwide

    mark fmark f4 dagar sedan
    • Funny how you say we hate western people.Well the west hates us

      Ahmed ArushAhmed Arush3 dagar sedan
  • That security guy following her sitting behind the the truck looks like he was using restroom

    SuperYidneSuperYidne4 dagar sedan
  • jin 1337 said ' Its the 21st century full of information but also misinformation.'

    Texx MexxTexx Mexx4 dagar sedan
  • Is any country can stop china on doing unhuman things? I dont have the answer but I hope one day it will happen but when I dont know.

    Sujit Kumar DeySujit Kumar Dey4 dagar sedan
  • It is so sad to see that China is trying hard to eliminate their culture, language and population. Nobody deserve to live like that no matter what races you are.

    NaziHaniNaziHani4 dagar sedan
    • They do this with every ethnic minority

      Kiki KikiKiki Kiki3 dagar sedan
  • This is fucked

    Alpha MomentumAlpha Momentum4 dagar sedan