BUZZED by a Navy Seahawk Chopper Rounding Cape Hatteras - Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 316

"Delos. Delos. This is Cannonball on 16. Do you copy?" Never, ever did we expect to be hailed by Navy Seahawk Chopper in the middle of the ocean. But here we were offshore, speaking to the pilot of this amazing aircraft. "Cannonball- This is Delos. Please switch to channel 69, the Pleasure Channel" It turns out that the pilot and crew followed our videos and just happened to be doing a routine training mission around Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks. It was an incredibly exhilarating experience to have such a powerful machine circling Delos, with the downwash from the rotor hammering our sails! Shortly after we find ourselves rounding the Notorious Cape Hatteras, AKA The Graveyard of the Atlantic in the middle of the night. With favorable conditions we make short work of the Cape and safely make an entrance into anchorage just outside Beaufort, NC. Another passage in the books!
Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra
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  • What an incredible experience! Special thanks to the crew for the fly by :). Also noted that the Navy flies the Seahawk, while the Army flies the Blackhawk!

    Sailing SV DelosSailing SV DelosMånad sedan
    • Has it been a year since I watched you guys? You have a baby? What happened to your bro and friends?

      Subtle NatureSubtle Nature21 dag sedan
    • @TheMorganMonroeShow Why not the 5500 children younger than 5 that die EVERY DAY in Africa of diseases and hunger? Your violent god sure has strange priorities!

      manemebasatmanemebasat25 dagar sedan
    • God bless the US Navy and the US Coast Guard. #OfTheEpic

      TheMorganMonroeShowTheMorganMonroeShow29 dagar sedan
    • @Bob S yes, I agree...

      Robby LafontRobby Lafont29 dagar sedan
    • @Robby Lafont, It's Special to have Such good friends as the US Navy.

      Bob SBob S29 dagar sedan
  • 📽️ あなたの本当の愛を見つけてください 💢 ♦☮ プレミアムプライベートセックス 💛🎁 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品.

    Sarah ScarletSarah ScarletDag sedan
  • Woow such a cool gesture by the Blackhawk pilots. ♥️

    Aakash SrivastavaAakash Srivastava14 dagar sedan
  • weeee a labrador

    TheTrueDemocracyTheTrueDemocracy19 dagar sedan
  • Is that Picard?

    Subtle NatureSubtle Nature21 dag sedan
  • Awwh, you were in VA!!

    Subtle NatureSubtle Nature21 dag sedan
  • That's crazy! Very cool!!

    Daddy's WreckDaddy's Wreck21 dag sedan
  • Will y’all continue sailing south ? If so definitely stop at Dauphin Island AL. CHEERS

    Ray MizeRay Mize23 dagar sedan
  • guys why are you putting yourselves at risk like this?

    StreamingEagleStreamingEagle24 dagar sedan
  • The secret for the flyby comes in the post video clips.....Sierra hit the distress signal 😉

    Jerry KingJerry King24 dagar sedan
  • I knew there is a reality TV format where people are being filmed while watching TV. Watching a Delos episode where Ryan is watching a Delos episode while on watch onboard Delos beats any other format any time! I sure hope Sierra did not ACTUALLY push the distress button on the radio to activate the alarm. Because doing so might be quite expensive... But you had a helicopter circling over you any way, so...

    paanikkipaanikki25 dagar sedan
  • If i wanted to send you guys a email how do i do that

    Justin RayJustin Ray26 dagar sedan
  • Superhornet next!

    joris777joris77727 dagar sedan
  • Another AWESOME and safe episode 👏🙌

    ondi Loganondi Logan27 dagar sedan
  • where's Taylor ??

    TOM SCHMITZTOM SCHMITZ27 dagar sedan
  • ?? What process is used to put the Buddha on your sail?? Does Precision Sail include that service?

  • love the channel just subbed

    Kevi OKevi O28 dagar sedan
  • Keep it up, you all are very inspiring. To say the least!

    mike sharpmike sharp28 dagar sedan
  • What a lovely BAby Nugg Sierra. Greetings from Alp,s Switzerland

    Ernesto MengErnesto Meng28 dagar sedan
  • I live in Beaufort sorry I missed you.Safe travels south..

    Christopher PinerChristopher Piner28 dagar sedan
  • Seahawk

    Doug ClarkDoug Clark29 dagar sedan
  • You can cut across Diamond Shoals if there is a swell. It will break over the shallow areas. You can read the water color also when the water is clear. It will save quite a bit of time. Cape Lookout Bight is a great anchorage behind Cape Lookout. You can go ashore and visit the lighthouse and walk across the island to the Atlantic. I was in Marathon when you guys were there. I didn't stop by since I figured would get more visitors than you could handle there. Great Blog!!!!

    Kevin MacDonaldKevin MacDonald29 dagar sedan
  • Wow when the video ended SEslow recommended me "Saying Goodbye - Sailing SV Delos Ep. 95" with Josje in the thumbnail. I can't believe it's been more than 200 episodes since all of the fun in Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean 😢

    nuitNo.6nuitNo.629 dagar sedan
  • What channel on VHF to speak to the chopper ?

    Sell Side DreamSell Side Dream29 dagar sedan
  • I live on Hatteras. Love it here. Good luck!!!

    Tucker PaddockTucker Paddock29 dagar sedan
  • Good actors, really !

    Gaetan A. CincireGaetan A. Cincire29 dagar sedan
  • If navy salutes you...does it mean you are navy asset ?

    Gaetan A. CincireGaetan A. Cincire29 dagar sedan
  • Yeah ok, you're so popular the army salutes you...but Pityfull Kassa has an ever growing nose on her...can the army do anything about it ?

    Gaetan A. CincireGaetan A. Cincire29 dagar sedan
  • That's a new one to me on child proofing, having to move the two way radio out of reach.

    Joe CatJoe Cat29 dagar sedan
  • ) v o⅞⁶6655555

    Marvin BellMarvin BellMånad sedan
  • Wow awesome! Missing your brother and Blue! Any hints on future sail with Bro Dude and Blue?

    Lawrence KirwinLawrence KirwinMånad sedan
  • Skipping over the ocean like a stone.....Everybody’s Talkin

    Linda GoudelockLinda GoudelockMånad sedan
  • i'm reluctant to comment on every vlog ( reckon you've got more important things to do ) but so very grateful for all you do producing an episode every week XxX

    mozmozMånad sedan
  • We were just in Charleston SC and Savannah Ga. I watched for you all when we passed marinas. Enjoy your videos!

    Tammy ScottTammy ScottMånad sedan
  • I foolishly took this trip on as my shake down Cruze for my new boat last july .heading north i definently got my money's worth around cape hatteras thank you for sharing this. I have learned soooo much from your videos!

    Natures JourneyNatures JourneyMånad sedan
  • That was so cool GOD BLESS A MILITARY.

    night truckernight truckerMånad sedan
  • get to the chopper!

    Mick ThorntonMick ThorntonMånad sedan
  • I just came back home to NY from a few days at the Outer Banks. There were many black hawks patroling the shorelines. From the beach looking out into the Atlantic the seas looked pretty rough with 4-5 ft waves breaching along the shore. The Cape Hatteras National Seashore is a national treasure that rivals the beaches of Cape Cod in their beauty.

    DB GoddardDB GoddardMånad sedan
  • I love that you have fans like this... flyby, baby... yeah!

    J BJ BMånad sedan
  • Love you guys!! Go Navy..!!!

    William SchallWilliam SchallMånad sedan
  • Think the Earth is flat? Pause it at 3:49 and your opinion will change, rather quickly... 👌🌎😉

    tripleeathleticstripleeathleticsMånad sedan
  • Coolness

    David SelfDavid SelfMånad sedan
  • Go to Ocracoke island so much to see

    Patti LogstonPatti LogstonMånad sedan
  • Sic ! Safe travels folks !

    Matt DoucetteMatt DoucetteMånad sedan
  • What an amazing sail an trip... Lil Nugget it will get better your lil sea legs... She's beyond adorable! Looking forward to next week.. Thanks for sharing your life with us ✌🏻💗😊❣️

    Donna KawanaDonna KawanaMånad sedan
  • Welcome to North Carolina my friends ! My wife and I have been watching y'all for several years. We are in Wilmington and we would love to give y'all refuge anytime. Glad that you got some Smithfield BBQ while here. Good stuff !

    Pete HicksPete HicksMånad sedan
  • Thanks for all this amazing are a beautiful family!!I am from greece and an island of my country!! I hope to see yours videos on a visit to my country!!Many thanks!!

    Δημητρης ΛουλουδάκηςΔημητρης ΛουλουδάκηςMånad sedan
  • Delos crew has friends in "high places" lol

    SiielloSiielloMånad sedan
  • New drone on the SV Dellos? lol..

    Jon Arve SporstølJon Arve SporstølMånad sedan
  • So who is the fourth person you have on board??

    Kristopher De TarKristopher De TarMånad sedan
    • @Adventures with Ryan I am glad they have another sailor onboard to help because seriously that baby of theirs is in danger if the two of them have to be tending that boat. It’s a romantic idea and all that fluff but having a baby on board is a serious liability. Glad you are there and nice to meet you Ryan.

      Kristopher De TarKristopher De TarMånad sedan
    • My name is Ryan and I'm a super fan just like you. I first met these guys back in June when I volunteered to do the bottom of the boat (episodes 289, 290 and 291). They then asked me to come help them again in November, so I took a month long leave from the sailboat that I'm normally on to do some work on the boat and help them sail south. You can see me in the last 7 videos before this one. I think next week's video will be my last one. It was an amazing ride in so many ways. These guys are super people. Please keep supporting them.

      Adventures with RyanAdventures with RyanMånad sedan
  • Spent 10 years on Atlantic fleet amphibious ships. Going between Moorhead city and Norfolk was always an adventure. Many a times I stood Boatswain Mate of the watch. We were always on the lookout for fishing boats and sailboats When rounding Cape Hatteras

    Ed LEd LMånad sedan
  • Sailing along with Delos via video is always fun and exciting. And educational, I did not know any if those things about Cape Hatteras. Thanks to the crew for another great adventure!

    debbie l williamsondebbie l williamsonMånad sedan
  • “she pressed the distress button yesterday” 😂

    LINCSLINCSMånad sedan
  • Great job 👍

    MikeKBYNMikeKBYNMånad sedan
  • That was awesome! I work for a company named Titanium Metals Corp. (Timet). We make the titanium metal that makes the blades for the blackhawks.

    J GeisseJ GeisseMånad sedan
  • You guys are my happy place

    Daniel MachadoDaniel MachadoMånad sedan
  • Why is Delos allowing comments links to adult content & removing warnings ? Rpo145£

    Paul LuapPaul LuapMånad sedan
  • It's sad they are still not reaching 1 million subscribers

    dinesh waghdinesh waghMånad sedan
  • 👍👌😊👏

    fokas petrogiannisfokas petrogiannisMånad sedan
  • So glad your Trip around The cape was good!!! Stay safe out there!

    Karan AllenKaran AllenMånad sedan
  • Thank you

    Fevzi YazıcıFevzi YazıcıMånad sedan
  • It's amazing to be successful at what you do

    Ahmed IbrahimAhmed IbrahimMånad sedan

    Joze TrselicJoze TrselicMånad sedan
  • It's always good to be friends of the man. I am. It has its advantages.

    Silas MarnerSilas MarnerMånad sedan
  • Sleep you guys!! Sleeeeeep!

    Okemos TechOkemos TechMånad sedan
  • How cool was the footage from inside the chopper!! Super cool, and glad to see how excited everyone (except Nugget 😂) was about our amazing Armed Forces!

    Lori JohnsonLori JohnsonMånad sedan
  • So disappointed. Wanted a black L hoodie. Boo. Out of stock. I'll just keep checking back.

    Kathryn DamronKathryn DamronMånad sedan
  • 15 miles of shoal hang off of Hatteras? Brutal.

    Jeffrey A. SmithJeffrey A. SmithMånad sedan
  • Ugh. Hatteras. Bane of the Gator Navy out of Norfolk and Little Creek. We load/unload Marines and their gear in Moorehead. Steaming empty and top-heavy around the cape where the convergence occurs can get a little crazy.

    Jeremy WilkersonJeremy WilkersonMånad sedan
  • OH WOW! What a special event to have the crew of one of the Navy's Sikorsky UH60 pay a tribute to the crew of Delos!

    G LSG LSMånad sedan
  • Delos is in good hands. The Coast Guard, Army, and Navy has their back.

    Jeffrey A. SmithJeffrey A. SmithMånad sedan
  • It must feel so good. Meeting your follower like this in helicopter. ❤❤ love from 🇮🇳

    Aniket TAniket TMånad sedan
  • Happy to see you all safe. Sierra is so pretty!

    Sophie CaldozaSophie CaldozaMånad sedan
  • Badass! Badass! Badass! Badass!

    JesJesMånad sedan
  • PBR streetgang this is almighty...over? Nuggs is soooo close to talking!

    stimpsonjcat67stimpsonjcat67Månad sedan
  • Hushpuppys are fryed cornmeal .... over here on the west coat giant deep fryed potato wedges are called Jo Jo's

    Christine DavisChristine DavisMånad sedan
  • OOhhhh new Adobe map plug-in! Cool!

    Chasing the HorizonChasing the HorizonMånad sedan
  • you guys are the best whom else gets buzzed by a blackhawk

    ian mcfaddenian mcfaddenMånad sedan
  • Kind of nice when you know the U.S. Navy and.. the USCG is actively monitoring your six.

    J HillJ HillMånad sedan
  • Thank you Navy Helicopter Guys!!!!! You're AWESOME!!!!!

    MultiYoda69MultiYoda69Månad sedan
  • Your wife is the best, take good care of her.

    bob smithbob smithMånad sedan
  • Brian discovered hush puppies!!!!! Yum.

    Popeye The SailorPopeye The SailorMånad sedan
  • I love to see my fellow military brothers being ornery!

    bob smithbob smithMånad sedan
  • Love you Nuggz

    stevecheeksstudiostevecheeksstudioMånad sedan
  • Love the video! Currently watching this instead of studying for my electrical engineering exam in the morning lol. Huge fan!

    Trevor KirtonTrevor KirtonMånad sedan
  • Watching from shelby North Carolina 28152

    Ruff CamZRuff CamZMånad sedan
  • its pronounced "BEWFORT" down here.........SC Ya'll

    stevecheeksstudiostevecheeksstudioMånad sedan
  • it's o.k. sierra... you can tell daddy your not impressed because the navy doesn't have black hawks, it has sea hawks :)

    Matt LewandowskiMatt LewandowskiMånad sedan
  • All my love to Sierra, Kazza, & Brian!

    Om TareOm TareMånad sedan
  • Had a chance to climb Hatteras Light about ten years ago. And was able to just make out the shoals. You couldnt pay me enough to sail that. Confused seas up the ass that day.

    David TuttleDavid TuttleMånad sedan
  • @brian you guys should look into olight for some simple lights for the boat im sure they have something to offer that you guys can use even a little orb light for the nugget my little one loves her little light

    Brion GordonBrion GordonMånad sedan
  • soo. I don't know if you've ever considered the UK as a possible season for delos crew. Narrow boats are a whole world all it's self, maybe the always stable never bumpy canal live would make a good tour of inland UK. I'm thinking your brother would love to commandeer your boat in that interim and travel the rough and tumble UK coast. great season you all have shown it can be done. love the videos. thanks again for a great year.

    David Ramsay IVDavid Ramsay IVMånad sedan
  • you guys seem so natural on video James and Philippa @Sailing Aequus are new to the game and the difference is somewhat painful to watch. Did you become more you on camera after all this time or have you adopted a camera persona that isn't quite real but might be funner to watch?

    Greg PearceyGreg PearceyMånad sedan
  • Holy crap, your near my neck of the woods. Been following you guys for a while! Hello from NC!!!!!!!

    djicodedjicodeMånad sedan
  • So when is Delos going to Delos ? Would be a fun sail.

    Alexander RoberAlexander RoberMånad sedan
  • That’s so cool there are very few sailing channels that are true sailors but Delos is number 1 so cool to see helicopter pay tribute to you so deserved!

    RonRonMånad sedan
  • Love Ya'll. Zig Zagging.

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  • Fort.

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  • Bau!

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  • Very well earned the respect and admiration of those soldiers towards Brian. Super cool gesture and this is not the first time 👍

    M SFM SFMånad sedan