why did Epic ruin random duos... 😔

I miss moments like these back in chapter 1...
#fortnite #shorts #sypherpk

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  • thats not randumb thats the guy you met in season 4 i think

    Jack DeaneJack Deane5 timmar sedan
  • lmaooo

    DarkDark2 dagar sedan
  • That not random dous you he invited you?

    ツPATEL ツツARYA ツツPATEL ツツARYA ツ2 dagar sedan
  • What did the kid say Just before sypher starts laughing?

    MBmeesterMBmeester2 dagar sedan
  • That was in ch2

    Poonam NerkarPoonam Nerkar4 dagar sedan
  • Lol😂🤣

    SambaTheGamerSambaTheGamer6 dagar sedan
  • That kid is innocent and would make fortnite fun again

    Dipesh MenonDipesh Menon6 dagar sedan
  • Hahaha

    muhammad- habib-ur-rehmanmuhammad- habib-ur-rehman8 dagar sedan
  • Dominic ❤️

    Panathas GrPanathas Gr9 dagar sedan
  • Hahahhahah

    Edan CalderaEdan Caldera15 dagar sedan
  • Wdym that's what's good about duos

    PIGBLOX 77PIGBLOX 7715 dagar sedan
  • His bouncer is better

    BULBULONYBULBULONY15 dagar sedan
  • Boom

    FaZe_ AspectFaZe_ Aspect19 dagar sedan
  • Who is watching this with 69k likes

    Noah RotenstreichNoah Rotenstreich20 dagar sedan
  • when he used to be fat

    Jaiveer SinghJaiveer Singh21 dag sedan
  • hi lol

    Asocial goldenAsocial goldenMånad sedan
  • Hahaha

    Richard LeeRichard LeeMånad sedan
  • Aww thats so wholesome.

    MatrMatrMånad sedan
  • Lol

    Blake ErndeBlake ErndeMånad sedan
  • 😂😂😂

    Stephanie RaghunandanStephanie RaghunandanMånad sedan
  • down bad

    Weeb personWeeb personMånad sedan
  • Can anyone tell me which vid this is?

    The LitN!tThe LitN!tMånad sedan
  • Fortnite is shit

    Spazzie McGeeSpazzie McGeeMånad sedan
    • @Dashxr- just being an idiot on the internet

      Rawad BahlawanRawad Bahlawan22 dagar sedan
    • Why are you here man if you don’t like Fortnite?

      Dashxr-Dashxr-22 dagar sedan
    • Man I really do not see the point in this

      Rawad BahlawanRawad Bahlawan26 dagar sedan
  • That wasn’t random duos but ok

    AshxAshxMånad sedan
  • Wholesomeness

    husam berbashhusam berbashMånad sedan
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎☺☺☺

    Ruth SerraRuth SerraMånad sedan
  • Hi

    JuixieJuixieMånad sedan
  • Haha dominic bro cypher:do you have a bouncer. Dominic: oh,yeah then he dies the emote bouncer😂

    eletrixeletrixMånad sedan
  • It would be my ultimate dream to have a game with sypherpk one of these day been an fan of his for a long time

    DangerousDan1995DangerousDan1995Månad sedan
  • 🥺🥺🥺

    W4fflezW4fflezMånad sedan
  • Cool

    Stephanie McilweeStephanie McilweeMånad sedan
  • What game is this

    Tamilselvan TamilselvanTamilselvan TamilselvanMånad sedan
  • Funny

    Deep on 30fpsDeep on 30fpsMånad sedan
  • Let’s bounce

    Jordan ChaviraJordan ChaviraMånad sedan
  • I’m so confused how is this kid getting in a skilled base match with sypherpk is he that cracked🧐

    X̶s̶l̶o̶p̶e̶y̶ ツX̶s̶l̶o̶p̶e̶y̶ ツMånad sedan
  • Sipher

    Rui RodriguesRui RodriguesMånad sedan
  • Diaper Big Time vapor

    mahlet yohannesmahlet yohannesMånad sedan
  • Wdym this is perfect

    Kalob RimmerKalob RimmerMånad sedan
  • The good ol days

    Ashe BrotherzAshe BrotherzMånad sedan
  • he did have it tho

    ItsNickGamesItsNickGamesMånad sedan
  • This is the worst game ever

  • Ngl he do be bouncin doe

    DarkJGamingDarkJGamingMånad sedan
  • Why did you ruin fortnite

    EpicDexEpicDexMånad sedan
  • Awee my heart

    Hydro XModzN17Hydro XModzN17Månad sedan
  • Finally a fortnite SEslowr that doesn't post cringe

    Son GohanSon GohanMånad sedan
  • I don’t play fortnite how did they ruin them?

    Juan CenaJuan CenaMånad sedan
  • Get the emote and hop hop hop away

    Kyeran GardinerKyeran GardinerMånad sedan
    • Bouncey Bouncey I'm having such a great time

      Kyeran GardinerKyeran GardinerMånad sedan
  • epic didnt the community did

    Absolute GarbageAbsolute GarbageMånad sedan
  • You are gay

    Ravi ShawRavi ShawMånad sedan
  • nonce

    Justgaming HDJustgaming HDMånad sedan
  • They didnt ruin it the sweats did anything remotely fun they cry about it and want it gone We cant have fun moments like this cause some kid on twitter begs epic to vault this or that cause they know nobody's gonna notice they're existence without being annoying af

    purple guy [william afton]purple guy [william afton]Månad sedan
  • its da bouncer emote

    zyxxavier darangzyxxavier darangMånad sedan
  • This is soo adorable

    14Meme Boy14Meme BoyMånad sedan
  • That kid sound friendly

    Audric hiAudric hiMånad sedan
  • Because someone with your skill could get into a lobby of completely new players and destroy the lobby and make them feel like they could never reach your level so why even play... Think about this as you go into lobbies destroying everyone

    brian stecbrian stecMånad sedan
  • Fortnite is just trash

    vybin1-_-vybin1-_-Månad sedan
  • That kid take it seriously XD

    MechoMechoMånad sedan
  • this was from chpt2 season 4 last season thats not that long ago

    Henry AmoreHenry AmoreMånad sedan
  • Umm epic ruins lots of things

    Reignkings 12Reignkings 12Månad sedan
  • Epic ruined everything not just that

    CrimaticsCrimaticsMånad sedan
  • Your favor for the night there

    Marcos I HurtadoMarcos I HurtadoMånad sedan
  • You're good at fortnite

    Marcos I HurtadoMarcos I HurtadoMånad sedan
  • Syphers laugh is awesome

    The BoysThe BoysMånad sedan
  • Y can’t u ramdom duo anymore?

    Marc SiglMarc SiglMånad sedan
  • My epic is DLoWs_Cousin on PS4

    DLoWUltralakDLoWUltralakMånad sedan
  • Can you add me

    DLoWUltralakDLoWUltralakMånad sedan
  • Hi

    DLoWUltralakDLoWUltralakMånad sedan
  • Dumb

    UpsideDownSignUpsideDownSignMånad sedan
  • How did they ruin random duos?

    KiwoKiwoMånad sedan
  • Lol

    Duck duck gangDuck duck gangMånad sedan
  • People still play this game...

    TheMuffinManTheMuffinManMånad sedan
  • What happened to duos? I haven’t played in a year

    _Maverick503_Maverick503Månad sedan
  • 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

    Dorothy FisherDorothy FisherMånad sedan
  • They didnt ruin it that right there is the best duo partner you can get now a days

    bigCOW12bigCOW12Månad sedan
  • wdym “why did epic ruin random duos”

    StoppedEmu67StoppedEmu67Månad sedan
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Lumen_ColbyLumen_ColbyMånad sedan
  • Imagine still playing fortnite like come on people there so much better games out there 🤦‍♂️

    RAGEinthetrapRAGEinthetrapMånad sedan
    • Let me know when you find them

      Shpligaphlorp Is da bestShpligaphlorp Is da bestMånad sedan
  • I just watched this vid

    Kathy JarvisKathy JarvisMånad sedan
  • Why play fortnite when you can play warzone? Just sayin...

    Sack of DoobsSack of DoobsMånad sedan
    • @Shpligaphlorp Is da best yeah warzone..

      Sack of DoobsSack of DoobsMånad sedan
    • Because ones better

      Shpligaphlorp Is da bestShpligaphlorp Is da bestMånad sedan
  • Well let's rs the bouncer dance lmao

    GD, LivunaGD, LivunaMånad sedan
  • Bro it's fortnite, the game got ruined in 2017 💀

    VulpesGVulpesGMånad sedan
  • is that a fire trap in season 5

    ShadowTiger52ShadowTiger52Månad sedan
  • Invite plz I want to see him

    Bryan GamesBryan GamesMånad sedan
  • Hol up that is chapter 2 season 4 cause at the end you can see stark industries mountain

    Swirly :oSwirly :oMånad sedan
  • Wait how did they ruin it

    Clipped by OmarieClipped by OmarieMånad sedan
  • Cute

    Aaron WattAaron WattMånad sedan
  • 😂

    xXTye GachaXxxXTye GachaXxMånad sedan
  • Nie dziala. Sprawdzilem

    LoVe WeAdLoVe WeAdMånad sedan
  • how did they ruin random duos??

    SwampiiSwampiiMånad sedan
  • Nobody care Sub 2 noahsnoah btw

    jomjom the potatojomjom the potatoMånad sedan
  • Hahahahahahah

    Racing YamahaRacing YamahaMånad sedan
  • What is this garbage game?

    MoldyMoldyMånad sedan
  • I forgot they took the fire trap from stw and put it in battle royal

    dat boidat boiMånad sedan
  • Yo

    PhamPhamMånad sedan
  • Bro, still playing fortnite, pls just stop. It's cringe

    Le BarnsLe BarnsMånad sedan
  • Hay that’s not nice he is a kid

    Andrewthepro321Andrewthepro321Månad sedan
  • Because Epic is dumb

    Mr.Miyagii _-Mr.Miyagii _-Månad sedan
  • Bounce

    VeeRBesTClaNVeeRBesTClaNMånad sedan
  • First take the epic out of their name then you’ll know why:/

    Asa MorecraftAsa MorecraftMånad sedan
    • @Shpligaphlorp Is da best bruh I mean take the epic out of epic games 🤦‍♂️

      Asa MorecraftAsa MorecraftMånad sedan
    • There’s no epic in the name sypherpk😐

      Shpligaphlorp Is da bestShpligaphlorp Is da bestMånad sedan
  • How did epic ruin random duos?

    Eternal GlowEternal GlowMånad sedan